Demon Lord of the Other World

Shua, coincidentally, a million pairs of eyes, in unison, looked at Zhang Wenlong,

Shua, coincidentally, a million pairs of eyes, in unison, looked at Zhang Wenlong, who was riding a flying horse slowly down in the sky. He and the figure of the blood slave, one black and one red, were selected as fanatical warriors. They had heard all kinds of legends from the mouths of priests and missionaries. They were quite impressed by them. They immediately recognized the black helmet and black armor, young and handsome. It is Zhang Wenlong, the Frozen Lord, who is known as the first master of the younger generation of Demons. The bloody armor, the spooky one, is the blood slave of the legendary changing werewolf and the most loyal servant of the Frozen Territory! Chapter 237: Ice Parade (Part 2) "Long live the Lord, long live the Lord." Waves of cries from the heart, like a tsunami, spread over the ice field. One million elite soldiers of the Demons, brandishing all kinds of weapons, shouted loudly toward their idols, which was spectacular. Most of the warriors, are from the heart, especially the warriors of the magic soldier level, there is a good saying: the lower the level, the farther away the believers, the more fanatical faith! This sentence is not bad at all, just because Zhang Wenlong took the initiative to provoke the beacon fire of the holy war, occupied Sunrise City, a coastal city of the Sun Empire,large inflatable water slide, looted it, and successfully turned tens of thousands of apostates. In the eyes of ordinary warriors, that is the concrete achievement of Solomon, the dark God, which surpasses other holy wars in history, so he has a fanatical affection for him. They all thought it was a great honor to fight this holy war with him. Zhang Wenlong waved his hand and saw the flying horse landing on the wooden platform above the ground. He jumped down and walked to Guderian. He waved his hand frequently, which aroused countless roars and shouts. The atmosphere of the scene, from his appearance, reached its peak and boiled up. The fanatical shouts swept everyone's heart like a storm. The blood slave jumped off his horse and stood behind him like a shadow. The three flying horses spread their wings and flew to the stage under the guidance of the three polar bear men. They tied up and threw a big bag of grass to wait for the flying horses to eat grass and drink water. Long live the Lord, long live the Lord.. Waves of cheers,Inflatable outdoor park, one after another, one after another, for a long time. The term "long live" is not a special term for emperors as in ancient China. In this different time and space where Zhang Wenlong lives, anyone who is popular with the people can be warmly called long live by the people who worship him to vent their admiration for him. Long live the Protoss, long live the Emperor, and long live the Lord. As long as it is popular and spontaneous, there will never be literary inquisition. Because it was the spontaneous voice of the people. Zhang Wenlong never expected it. His prestige was so high in the hearts of the warriors of all races in the abyss that he waved his hands frequently to thank the millions of warriors for their love and admiration. In fact, he was spontaneously cheered by the warriors of the Demons. Apart from his brilliant record at a young age, the first battle of Sunrise City made the fanatical believers who had been defeated in the last holy war feel proud and elated. They also went into retreat with him and did not show up for a long time. Mysterious and low-key are closely related. The more the selected warriors are eager to see their idols, the more they can't see them, the more they admire them. Today, they suddenly see the legendary hero idols. So ecstatic, rejoicing! "Attention, all. Chest up and quiet.". Listen to the Lord's lecture! Guderian was full of fighting spirit, and the thunderous sound swept over the drill ground and spread. Twenty days of military training have been very effective. With a shout and a sound of brushing, a team of one hundred thousand people, originally arranged in a neat line, stood upright, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable mechanical bull, with their swords in their scabbards, their spears and halberds clenched in their hands and leaning on the ground, and a pair of Ling's eyes saluted Zhang Wenlong on the high platform. On the high platform, Andrea and Archbishop Paul, who had been sitting on the seats, came with a smile, and Zhang Wenlong met them one by one. Archbishop Paul in the most convenient language. In a few words, the assembly of millions of soldiers to form a structure. Made a brief introduction to him, so that he can understand the combat power of the legion under his command. He is a preachy bishop. Talk about this child's play, which light which center of gravity in the early success, one by one, effortless. Zhang Wenlong already knew in advance that the formation of the Jihad Corps was divided into three arms: sea, land, and air. Specifically, it is the Navy, the Infantry Corps and the Flying Corps. The Navy of the Light Coalition is the Imperial Navy, the Infantry Corps is a carefully selected national infantry elite, the Flying Corps is the Griffin Air Cavalry, and if there is a Heaven War, some or all of it is the Angel Corps. On one side of the abyss world, the navy is generally a weak point. The navies of the nine empires are not professional, and they are temporary warriors with good water quality, because the civil war in the abyss is basically a land battle. In the human world, it is a land crossing the demarcation line. For example, it is rare that the glacier land is surrounded by the sea. All previous holy wars are foot battles and air battles, and there are almost no naval battles. The foot battle legion is the elite warriors of all nationalities, and foot battle is a strong point. Air combat is dominated by the Demon Clan, supplemented by the Vampire Clan, the Fallen Clan is rejected by the Paradise Protoss, taking into account the overall situation, few people appear in the battlefield, at most a few people want to participate in the war, are directly rejected by the commander in chief. Considering that vampire warriors are not good at day combat in air combat and are good at night attack, most of the air combat is dominated by demon warriors. The combat power of the arms of the armed forces is also divided into three grades: high, middle, and low. This aspect is specifically in the rules of jihad, which is a rigid rule that must not be violated. Once it is detected, it will be declared a loser. As a result, the number of participants in the three-tier division of combat power was strictly observed and never violated, and no one wanted to lose in the details before the war began. In such a situation, you can imagine the anger of the gods, the commander of the holy war and his main followers, there is no other way but to commit suicide to apologize. The so-called advanced combat power, the specific number is one hundred thousand, the specific level is the Lord level. That is to say, among the selected warriors, 100,000 masters at the same level as the commander in chief are allowed to participate in the war, in order to highlight the leakage point of the fanatical holy war of high-level warriors and the grace of God. One hundred thousand Lord class warriors, basically speaking, are selected Lord senior, has not yet stepped into the demon king class warriors, so you can imagine how amazing their fighting capacity. This group of warriors, organized into the main legion, the two armies against each other, is the most terrible battle in the holy war, the most brilliant results, the heaviest death, the most fierce fighting force,inflatable amusement park, often dominate the whole war situation, directly affect the success or failure of the whole holy war, has been specially valued and cared for by the commanders of both sides of the holy war.


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