Sky Red Kite (Willow BG)

The tutor standing outside the storeroom looks like a sculpture: Students,

The tutor standing outside the storeroom looks like a sculpture: Students, Lihai University is not a martial arts school! The third grade department is on the fourth floor of the teaching building. Red Kite and Qingxian Temple are struggling to move the brand-new desks upstairs. In the middle of the journey, Qingxian Temple Lan, who was nearly overdrawn, took the lead in striking: "Quit, quit." Lively body sat on the desk: "The storeroom is on the first floor, at least there is an elevator." The daughter finally began to act like a spoiled child. "Young lady, the school is not your home." Assuming that it is the home of Qingxian Temple, how many elevators Qingxian Temple wants to install will not be in charge of her. That's right, let's continue the topic of lunch break, shall we? Because the original red kite was knocked unconscious by the flowerpot, the conversation between them suddenly stopped. Oh.. Qingxian Temple Lan's words somewhat confused the red kite: "What topic?" Why can't she remember anything? "Just.." That one She felt uncomfortable for a long time, but still mentioned this sentence again to the red kite: "How can I make Renwang Yazhi like me?" If it's love, it's even better! The red kite was choked half to death by her own saliva. In an instant, she began to cough violently: "Cough.." Qingxiansi, you'd better cover up when you say such a thing. You are a girl. Qingxian Temple kindly patted the red kite on the back: "Qieyuan, are you all right?" The look of concern is not artificial at all. Never mind, never mind, you won't die. Chihara Red Kite smirked: "It's best to choke to death. It's all over." I don't want you to die. "No one will help me if you die,Inflatable water obstacle course," said Qingxian Temple with moist eyes. Red Kite gradually facial paralysis: "You do not want me to die for this?" Don't cry yet, she's not dead. Of course not. Raising the back of his hand, Qingxian Temple wiped away the tears hanging in his eyes, and his nasal voice was very heavy: "Qieyuan Red Kite, I think you are really good." Enough generosity, enough loyalty. She stretched out her left finger and pressed her right eye. "I want to ask you, Qingxiansi,Inflatable meltdown, what do you like about Renwang Yazhi?" "Like the voice of the benevolent king, like the figure of the benevolent king, like his personality, and like him.." Said, Qingxian Temple Lan pressed his chest: "I don't know why, but one day I found that I already liked him so much." Hearing this, Qieyuan Red Kite looked at Qingxian Temple clearly and said, "Not only that, are you also attracted by the appearance of Renwang Yazhi?" There is no denying that King Ren's appearance is naturally seductive. Qingxian Temple, which was hit by the words of the Red Kite, breathed a little suffocated: "Anyway, I like whatever King Ren looks like." "You won't like him if he's disfigured." Red Kite squint, she smiled: "Qingxian Temple girl, it seems that you are completely trapped by the appearance of King Ren." If you discover the inside, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Jumping castle with slide, you will know that Renwang not only likes to play with people, but also likes to pour cold water, and even cheats in exams. So, Qingxian Temple Lan, please wake up. ……” Qingxian Temple lost its voice at a loss, and the Red Kite was right. Eighty percent of the reason why he liked Ren Wang was because of his outstanding shape, and the remaining twenty percent could be understood as love me, love my dog. Well, I don't think that's a good idea. After all, you only like Ren Wang because of his appearance. When the original Red Kite left her mouth, she began to regret it, as if she should not have discouraged the enthusiasm of Qingxian Temple. Qingxian Temple's eyes were dim. "Well, I was really infatuated with Ren Wang Jun because of his appearance." The tone was firm: "But I will try." It is because I like him that I want to be close to him, look forward to him and stand beside him. I don't seem to be able to discourage you. There was a different flavor in Chihara's words. She was just about to say something when, unfortunately, her cell phone in her uniform pocket began to vibrate, reminding her not to say any more. Red Kite frowned and took out his cell phone: "Baishi … …" Zonosuke.. Staring at the caller ID on the phone with some shock, how could Baishi call her? Is the wind really strong today? The people who blow are beginning to shrink. In the face of the original red kite who refused to answer the phone, Qingxian Temple was obviously curious: "What's wrong?"? Who is it? Why don't you answer the phone, classmate Qieyuan? A series of questions. ……” It's not that Red Kite doesn't want to pick it up, but that she doesn't know what to say to Baishi. Qingxian Temple closed: "Is it a little inconvenient for Qieyuan to be present?" The red kite's helpless expression was as desperate as a lost man seeing a tiger: "No, there's nothing inconvenient." It's just that when she picks up the phone, she may be at a loss for words or embarrassed. In a panic, I don't know when the phone was actually connected, and the strong local accent of the other party immediately overflowed the receiver. 'Hello, hello, I'm Shiraishi Zangnosuke.' Suddenly, the red kite's right hand increased its strength and seemed to crush the mobile phone. 'Ah, oh, I am the original red kite.' What? As if she took the initiative to call Baishi, Baishi's opening remarks absolutely misled Red Kite. 'ah, Red Kite, don't you have classes? How can I answer the phone? ' Shiraishi Zonosuke's words sound harmless and boring. Qieyuan Red Kite seemed to have been splashed with a bucket of gasoline, and as soon as there was a fire source, it would erupt. 'I didn't expect the school rules of Sitianbao Temple to be so loose.' The corners of the mouth unconsciously raised a smile. 'Well, no, we are in PE class now. ' The noise at the other end could be faintly heard in Baishi's voice. Really want to throw the phone, red kite endure'you call me for this boring thing? ' The voice was angry. 'I'm going to hang up.' "I will refuel.." Baishi jumped out such a sentence without thinking. ‘……’ Red Kite doesn't understand why Baishi said that. 'Well, I will refuel, whether it's the Kansai Competition or the National Competition. ' The charming Kansai accent is full of persistence and desire for the future. Chihara Red Kite leaned against the snow-white wall, looking at the quiet Qingxian Temple Lan, she did not know how to respond to the other end of the phone Shiraishi Zangnosuke, can only choose to be silent. For a long time,Inflatable dry slide, Baishi's laughter came, 'Say come on.' I don't know why, but he wants to hear it.


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