Son of Adam

The name of the village is Overton, and there is nothing to speak of. It was a small town on the main

The name of the village is Overton, and there is nothing to speak of. It was a small town on the main line of the Missouri-Pacific Railroad, and there wasn't even a decent road in town. On the edge of the village-or rather outside the village-there is a small house in the shade of a tree. It was a small wooden hut, and it seemed that there were only two rooms. Several shirts were hanging on a clothesline at the back of the house. Men's shirts, not very clean. You might guess that there are no women in the house, but there are signs that it hasn't always been that way. There was a shirt with barely discernible stitching under the armpit. The stitches are fine, neat and smooth. A man can't sew such stitches, and he certainly won't be the man who washes these shirts. There's another thing. There is a photo on the windowsill. That's a picture of Tom, but he's not alone. There are two other people in the photo: Rebecca Louie, squinting in the sun, and her baby, who is about six months old, on her arm. Tom put his arm around Rebecca. She turned her head and smiled at something off camera. The snapshot didn't turn out very well, and the red dust of Texas had come through the window and covered the frame and the photo. But if you look closely, you can still see Tom and Rebecca's hands. They have rings on their hands, wedding rings. But this picture speaks of the past. Now, it is placed in the cabin only to reveal the feeling of sadness. Sad and lonely. It looks and smells like a wasted life. ** And Guy? What happened to Guy, the eldest son and heir of Whitcomb Hall? His military career seems to have come to a standstill. His staff work during the war would have enabled him to rise to a higher position,Inflatable bouncer, but in peacetime it was not so polite. He was first sent to manage a British contingent in the African colonies, but was unexpectedly quickly transferred back to England. There have been some reports in the media speculating that this was because he was unable to manage the force in a strong and decisive manner. Guy's own account of events, to the extent he bothered to mention it, decried the cowardly soldiers, the poor transportation, the bad weather conditions, and a half-dozen other unpleasant circumstances. He's now a lieutenant colonel at Sandhorst Military Academy,Inflatable water park factory, so maybe things didn't turn out so badly. When it comes to Guy's life back in the country, his lifestyle often surprises his more orthodox brother. Parties, dances, and extravagant spending. Just last year, Guy surprised his family by announcing his engagement to an American woman named Dorothy Carter, whom he quickly married three months later. No one wants to say this, but his new wife looks very dull, and she doesn't look like the kind of girl Guy always falls for. Is Guy happy? Well, maybe. Alan wasn't very close to him, and Guy didn't talk much to his parents. Either way, Guy seems settled, which is at least a good thing. The man stopped in front of the dining room and turned to the maid. He winked at her, inflatable water slide ,inflatable floating water park, put his index finger to his lips, and tiptoed gently to the door. The door was ajar and the man could see into the room through the crack. There was a man, his wife, and two children, a boy and a girl, about five and six years old respectively. The man was having a lively discussion with the little boy about the advantages of boiled eggs and whether it was better to eat them or spread them around with a jam spoon. The man outside looked at it for a moment and then slammed the door open. Good morning, good morning, good morning! "Do you have Uncle George's fish egg rice?" He shouted. "George!" Alan and Lottie shouted in surprise at the same time. Ellen pounced on him and hugged him first. Lottie was slower than him, but she hugged him much longer, so she won the final victory. Her relative slowness was explained when she stood up: her high, bulging belly gave her five months' worth of reason to be cautious. For heaven's sake, George, we thought you wouldn't be back for at least another two weeks. I flew back, can you believe it? No more steamboats on the Red Sea or those damn Turkish trains. Straight back: Abadan-Baghdad-Tiberias-Athens-Genoa-Amsterdam-London. Came home last night, in the goddamn storm — forgive me, my dear, forgive me — but that's not home until I bang on your door. Lottie got up to take care of George's breakfast, but the two men objected violently and made her sit down again.In the end, it was Ellen who ordered tea, fish and eggs, bacon, kidneys, eggs, sausages, kippers, tomatoes, mushrooms, more tea, a plate of butter and jam, and blackberry jam, made from fruit picked from the kitchen garden of Whitcomb Manor. Alan and Lottie told George about the new developments in their family. Little Eliza is full of energy, she has fallen in love with riding, and she is also the treasure of everyone in the classroom. Little Tommy is a threat to everything within reach of his destructive hands, but is also seen as a little baby and a little cutie. The third little treasure was to arrive in four months; this pregnancy was less sensational than the first two; their world was in any way as happy and harmonious as it could be. And then they paused. A babysitter came in to pick up little Tommy. She looked disapprovingly at the guest. It's strange enough for a family to eat breakfast like this, but it's not decent to entertain unexpected guests at the breakfast table when children are present. Alan and George looked at each other, and Lottie noticed their stares. Oh, don't be so stupid, you two. She said, "Of course you're in a hurry to talk business, and of course you should hurry before you two blow up like big balloons.". Before you want to exit and talk about oil wells, pipelines,Inflatable indoor park, bandits and explosions, you should know very well that I will follow you, not a word. 。


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