Emperor Qianlong

As soon as Ji Yun heard this, he knew that the two of them had different ideas about confessing.

As soon as Ji Yun heard this, he knew that the two of them had different ideas about confessing. Gao Heng wanted to stir things up as much as possible, and even the courtiers trusted by Qianlong were not good people, making the situation of "law does not control the masses". Qian Du, on the other hand, tried to narrow down the charges, protecting those who had money to come and go, and pointing at them to excuse himself in front of Qianlong. Ji Yun scolds Gao Heng in the heart "stupid uncle", but also feels sorry for Qian Du, draws out the smoke pot from the boot to smoke, wants to calm own mood. Liu Yong said beside him, "Gao Heng has listed the accounts with the people in the court three times. The number, the time, and the use of the money cannot justify himself." Liu Tongxun said, "I won't talk to them about this today. I just want to tell you that the power of heaven is unpredictable, the grace of heaven is hard to bear, and the measure of heaven is hard to measure.". He honestly returned all the stolen money to the state treasury, and according to the case, he was convicted and the sentence was lenient. I can still speak from it-time is running out for you. Delivered to the Ministry of Punishment, I'm afraid you can't afford it under three wood and five punishments. "Yes." Qian Du answered with a difficult bow. But Gao Heng said, "Even if it's three trees and five punishments, I won't be punished for nothing. Even if I die,Pietra Gray Marble, I won't accept it. Gao Heng also asked to see the emperor and asked Lord Zhongtang to play for him." Liu Tongxun said, "It's been played for a long time. The emperor says that there are thousands of people in prison every year, and they can't afford to be summoned.". However, the two of you are particularly grateful, and the single confession is submitted directly to the imperial review along with the case file. Lord Xiaolan is here, too, and he knows: The two of them looked at Ji Yun. Ji Yun only nodded and said with a sigh, "Since ancient times,white marble slabs, apart from the fact that loyalty and treachery are incompatible with fire and water, the political struggle has led to unjust imprisonment.". During the reign of Ming Shiqing, such cases of corruption and malfeasance were all destroyed by themselves. In fact, you failed to live up to the emperor's benevolence and stepped into the pit of fire. If you are condemned in heaven and have no prayer, it is more reliable to confess your sins from your own hearts. If you commit a crime and ask the emperor to forgive you, what kind of master is the emperor? Your case is not tried in Nanjing. Tomorrow, they will be sent back to Beijing by ship, and they will be temporarily detained in the beekeeping prison temple. Liu Tongxun said, "I asked you to come here to tell me about this.". You have a lot of friends in Beijing, and there will be a lot of people visiting the prison. Don't get into trouble. Confession is the only way to live. Some people look kindly on their faces and think of adding insult to injury. Even if they really want to save you, there must be nothing they can do. There is only this narrow chance of survival. It's up to you to ruin it. Then he ordered Huang Tianba to "take them there and still detain them separately!" Then he said to Liu Yong, "You have abridged the manuscript of the original case submitted by Yulin Wei to the governor of Shaanxi for withholding relief food for the victims, as well as the defense submission of the governor Ashan.". I want to send it to the emperor. The original text has been taken from me, and I'll look at it again. Ji Yun didn't hear what his father and son were talking about. Looking at the back of Gao Heng and Qian Du, who were going farther and farther away, Carrara Marble Slab ,Marble Projects, he suddenly remembered the past when he drew lots with Qian Du in Gaosheng Restaurant and ordered Hu Lu to drink pheasants and eat wine. At that time, he had not yet become an official. He had no official duties and no worries. He was so elated that it seemed that only in his eyes, the human face of the world had changed completely.. When Liu Tongxun called twice, Ji Yun came to his senses and said with a smile, "I was thinking that I had a case of Hu Zhongzao, a case of Zhang Laoxianggong, and a number of cases of disobedient documents.". To you here, the case of punishment, the case of money and grain, Fu Heng also had an assassination case. The master's trip to the south this time was full of cases, and he was ten times busier than in Beijing! "I haven't paid my respects to the emperor for two days.". Although I don't have to go there every day by special decree, I really miss it in my heart when I'm so busy. "Your Majesty is so busy," said Liu Tongxun. "You have to persuade him not to be too trivial. Liu Tongxun is dead, and Zhang Tongxun and Li Tongxun. He suddenly felt that he had made a mistake and stopped at once. "Shall we go to the palace together?" Ji Yun was afraid that Ye Tianshi would lose his manners. "Sit in my big sedan chair," he said with a smile. "Walk around and bend over your desk all day. Look in the mirror. A man in his fifties looks older than Zhang Hengchen." As soon as they said they were leaving, they saw two eunuchs hobbling over with a white-haired old man, but it was Zhang Tingyu. The two of them remembered this sentence almost at the same time, and could not help looking at each other with a wry smile, thinking that the old garrulous man was like a river as soon as he opened his mouth, and he did not know when he would say it. Sure enough, bowing into the room, Zhang Tingyu sat down and opened his mouth, saying Hu Zhongzao:.. The emperor summoned me on the second day of his visit to Nanjing, and on the third day he visited me in person, asking about Hu Zhongzao. He also showed me his book "Hard Grinding Life Poems". I report back to the emperor that this is really a villain at both ends. He was the Juren I got, and the Jinshi I got from the forest in western Hubei. When he came to me, he said that Ertai Manchu people were angry and pretentious. I said that Ertai had no hard feelings with us. If you say that people are not good in front of me, people will certainly say that I am not good. And then somehow he stopped coming to see me. Such a person who has no action and no sentiment can't write good poems at all! Then, from the beginning, from Yao's "admonishing drums and slandering wood" to Confucius's punishment of Shaozhengmao, King Wen of the Western Zhou Dynasty's punishment of heresy and the establishment of "slander law", to the Southern Dynasty's literati's "frivolous" monarch, Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties'poetry and prose "slandering the monarch and scolding the world".. He was hale and hearty, and he was really proficient in anecdotes and had a good memory, but his conclusion was very strange. "The yuan Dynasty enjoyed a short period of time, that is, the monarch did not pay attention to the heresy of the people, and regarded poetry and songs as a small path, so it gradually confused people's hearts. With the wind of chaos, the four sides responded, and it was out of control. The Mongolians did not understand the subjugation of the yuan Dynasty. They could conquer the world immediately, but could not rule! The way of the world and the heart of the people can not be regarded as trivial matters! Then, he talked about "the difference between remonstrance and slander", what is "returning to the monarch and relatives" and "keeping sincerity in the heart".. Liu Tongxun has a file in hand, but also can browse while "um" to listen. Only pity Ji Yun, a civil servant leader who had read the classics and history and compiled the Siku Quanshu, had to listen to the "Three Character Classic". Zhang Tingyu told the two military ministers in the governor's office that Ye Tiantian had some trouble with the empress. The imperial physician has always treated the empresses and concubines. The rule was that the imperial physician knelt on the wooden bed outside the couch,Calacatta Nano Glass, stretched out his hand, stroked his pulse attentively and pondered over and over again, and then bowed out to consider the plan. The emperor had nothing to say and took the medicine. forustone.com


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