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Lin Yan climbed up from the grass and ran to the other side of the grass,

Lin Yan climbed up from the grass and ran to the other side of the grass, holding a pistol in each hand, which was captured from Ah Huang's hand, and a pistol with a knife was also pinned to his waist. At night, Lin Yan's only advantage over them is his night vision. As the fast running of the three men caused the grass to rise and fall and flatten, Lin Yan aimed at it and fired three shots. A muffled hum came, and Lin Yan's face was pleased. Looks like we got him. At the same time, Lin Yan rolled on the spot and rolled to the side. As he expected, where he had just stood, a few bullets went into the earth. Lin Yan became more careful. Gunfight is not playing house, nor is it like fighting and street fighting. If you are not careful, you will lose the whole game. There are not a few people who were killed by one shot. There are also cases of losing in a mess in a good situation. Lin Yan can only be careful and careful, and dare not have a trace of carelessness. The main idea is to lose one's life. Who dares to try? Zhang Gui and others could not see where Lin Yan was, but Lin Yan could see the movement of the grass to determine where they were. After calming down, Lin Yan fired three shots in a row at the place where the grass was moving, but without the good luck just now, the three shots failed. But Zhang Gui three people immediately return fire, the bullet does not want the money sh # 232; to hit. The area resounded with the sound of gunfire. Lin Yan while chasing, while shooting, the two sides back and forth to fight back, playing a lot of fun, one chase three escape,small geared motors, chase about 100 meters of appearance, Lin Yan found the other side to escape faster. Lin Yan face s # 232; a change "No, they found the van parked 150 meters away from the bungalow.". Unable to waste all his previous efforts, Lin Yan did not search for the whereabouts of the three people from the grass, rushed out of the grass directly, and looked at the van in the distance. At this time, Zhang Gui three people are running to the van. Bang, bang! Two bullets fired,Planetary Gear Motor, Lin Yan's marksmanship at the moment like God's help, like the wind direction of the problem, a shot hit Zhang Gui's small Tu Tu, he gritted his teeth and continued to flee to the car, another shot also hit Mo Xin's arm, so that her arm with a gun shrugged down, breaking the wind had already got on the van. Zhang Gui and Po Baifeng immediately fought back, and Lin Yan hid in the grass. At this time, the car started and headed for Lin Yan. This was the most critical moment for the three of them to escape successfully. The bullets kept hitting Lin Yan's place. Lin Yan did not dare to take the lead. The van drove to its maximum horsepower and slipped away. Shit, let them get away again. Lin Yan smelled the tar smell of the van's exhaust, threw down the gun and shouted abuse. Naturally, the ending will not be like this. Let everyone be satisfied with the next chapter. Chapter 121 first aid Chapter 121 first aid After a gunfight, Lin Yan stood on the asphalt road, took out a squashed cigarette case from his pocket, and pulled out a Marlboro cigarette. The zippo lighter made a tinkling sound, and the cigarette was lit. The outside wind was still shouting, Vending Machine Motor ,24v Gear Motor, and Lin Yan smoked leisurely. The pungent smell of smoke curled around his lungs and slowly came out of his mouth, blurring the face of the devil that Lin Yan had just seen, and giving him a special taste. Or let the three of them run away, the wildfire can not be burned, the spring breeze blows again. Wait until they arrange everything, come back is a trouble, but Lin Yan faintly excited, life is too dull is not good, Lin Yan some like this kind of exciting and warm-blooded life, perhaps his blood is born with hidden bloodthirsty factors. Yang Wei there waiting for him to report information, Lin Yan made a phone call to report safety, truthfully said the fact that they escaped, after a few words of conversation, Lin Yan hung up the phone. Then he dialed Jiang Xiaojie's phone and asked him to call several trusted police colleagues to deal with the scene, who readily agreed. These two days and Zhang Gui and other people's fighting method, not only did not make Lin Yan in trouble, but as if eating the perfect tonic pills as vigorous. While waiting for Jiang Xiaojie to come over, Lin Yan simply sat on the roadside and called Li Hanke to chat and pass the time. After a series of battles, it was already ten o'clock in the evening, and the phone rang a few times before the opposite side answered it. Hey, rascal! Why are you calling me at this hour? Opposite came Li Hanke's shy voice, apparently Lin Yan called her at this time, she was still very happy, proving that Lin Yan's heart is still filled with her. "Nothing, I just miss you." Looking back now, Lin Yan thinks that when he was in high school, he let this student who was in a mess in his studies get into the top class monitor. This is simply a miracle. Lin Yan is not without pride in his heart. The second generation of the rich and the second generation of the army all stand on my side. You have to rely on your own strength to pick up girls. Two people have that layer of relationship between men and women, if they meet just thinking about circles and forks, no matter how good the relationship between lovers is, talking on the phone is a compulsory course for every boy. Hum, you are harassing. "Li Han can get cheap and be good." There's no way someone wants me to harass you, and I'll just harass you. Lin Yan's flirting skills can be called a must. Anyway, he is more thick-skinned than the city wall. Just blow it. By the way, are you really okay? You just called me because you missed me? Li Hanke obviously does not believe that Lin Yan will not have nothing to call her, will not be Lin Yan thought that again, thought of here, Li Hanke's face rose a touch of bright red. Of course it's all right. The bright moon in the sky can reflect my childlike heart. When Lin Yan said this, he touched his conscience with one hand. Return the heart of a child. Go and feed it to the dog. It's not valuable these days. The hot pretty face under the mobile phone washes away the happy smile. Hanko, you make me so sad. Lin Yan said pitifully. To tell the truth, Li Hanke actually wants to talk to Lin Yan like this all the time, but the homework on the table must be finished, and the homework will be handed in tomorrow. Li Hanke said, "Lin Yan, I love you, but if it's all right, I have to do my homework. You see, why don't you call me later?" Homework? Lin Yan listens to this strange word, although he is a student, but the word homework has become a thing of the past for him,12v High Torque Motor, now he hangs the name of a freshman in Tie University, but has he ever attended classes seriously? His life has changed since he got his smartwatch, but who knows if it's a blessing or a curse.


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