Wandering in the Illusory World

"Huh?"? It's not very difficult. Su Rin hesitated for a moment, "I just feel confused."

"Huh?"? It's not very difficult. Su Rin hesitated for a moment, "I just feel confused." Not to mention why Sulan's team attacked Sulo, it must have something to do with Sulan's fanning. The guy who killed Sulo obviously had a good observation. He didn't do it when Sulo pushed the Boss. Instead, he did it when the spell Red Mang appeared, and there was no sign of it. According to Sulo's meaning, he was on guard at that time. But I really didn't react. When is there such a master in the game?! Su Rin himself is an assassin, naturally know how professional that blow [throat] is, such a person is supposed to say that he should not have no impression. "Could it be revenge for a friend?!" The winter man frowned, which was nothing new in the game. I don't know, but it seems that we can only wait for Blue's answer. Su Lin answered helplessly. Suddenly, I found that the chapter number of 226 began to be wrong. The Second World of the Text of the Novel "The Shadow Is Approaching" 242, Missing Reader Bar Updated: May 16, 2009 18:59:07 Words in this chapter: 3473 Su Lan's answer is also disappointing, this guy in addition to losing to them in the arena, and they do not have any other intersection, clues seem to be broken here, and Su Rin began to worry about whether to tell the result to Solo, irritably watching a line of game data across the eyes. Pig is read] say: "I killed, but oneself also died once, still do not have fortunately drop class.". Shui Bingxin said: This is 50,000 gold coins, that is, 50 million alliance honor points. You can do what you want to do after that. "Yes, I understand,smartboards for business," said the pig. Lines of pale words across the eyes, Su Rin came to the spirit, 50 thousand gold coins? Although 50 thousand gold coins is not much for the big guild, but for ordinary players, it is definitely not a small number, this is a deal? If this is a deal, then why couldn't Su Lan find it before? So thinking, Su Rin felt more and more confused, at this time the curse red Mang suddenly pulled his clothes,86 smart board, "Enron adult, there is something at home, I first offline." Su Rin was stupefied, in front of suddenly the same, offline?! Why didn't he think of that? Don't say it online, but it doesn't mean you won't say it offline! However, if two people live close to each other and talk face to face, it is not likely to leave a record. "Lord Enron?" Curse Red Mang called again, naive little face, showing a little confusion. Ah! You go ahead. Su Lin hurriedly responded. Finish saying no longer pay attention to her, instead contacted Su Lan, began to investigate the pig is read down and water ice heart two people's identity. Fortunately, although these two are classmates from elementary school to university, they now live very far apart, that is to say, they must use some scientific and technological means to get in touch. Rin, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive panels for education, are you investigating the Alliance's communications? Soon news came from Su Mo that all the public facilities of the alliance were in the hands of the seven great families, while remote communication was mainly in the hands of the Su family. To be precise, this piece belongs to Su Mo tube, since it is their own family, Su Rin naturally also too lazy to cover up, directly connected to the network host rampage. Uh Su Rin casually answered that he had found the corresponding content in the history of the host, which was a call a month ago, asking him to find a chance to attack a player named "Candy" in the game and let him die once, which also showed that the task was not given to him alone. A month ago. That is to say, it started when Su Lan came home. And different people, is a good explanation of why the means are so different, the only strange thing is that Shui Bingxin did not trace any useful information, the only information is that she received a letter a month ago. In this era of information explosion, paper letters have not been cancelled, but the object of use is limited to invitations to some big parties, you know, the cost of mailing such letters is much higher than sending messages at random on the Internet. However, the actual information of Shui Bingxin shows that she does not seem to be so rich. It's a little strange for a poor man to use paper letters. Fortunately, although this piece of postal profit space is not only, but also part of the management of the Su family, Su Rin did not spend anything to find the source of the letter, unexpectedly from the Su family? He looked confusedly at the results of his search, recalling the previous cleaning activities of Su Lan, and wanted to investigate again at this time, but there was no result, unless they could find the letter. The clue seems to be broken here. Su Rin casually informed the family of the guys who raised rice. Give them the problem of the letter to investigate, as for himself. There was never any hope that the letter would end up in the trash, in the recycling bin, and in a ball of pulp, God knows. Shaking his head, Su Rin decided to do something else, "Ah!" Shouted loudly, but did not get the expected response, Su Rin found that the surroundings were very quiet, and the winter was very rare to be absent, went out? Open the friend panel, unexpectedly prompted the winter is not online, with that guy's personality, should not leave him alone, even if the reality has something to do, should also be dealt with immediately back. Did you just leave? Su Rin thought about it and decided to wait for a while, picked up the orange juice at hand, the entrance is cold, but now the game is the same as reality, it is winter, so Dongfu also habitually prepared all kinds of warm drinks for him, the temperature at home is not low, so it can only explain that Dongfu left for a while, is there something difficult?! Su Rin felt a little uneasy, the winter's behavior was too abnormal, and the time seemed to be a little longer, so that he did not have the mind to do other things. Orange juice does not know and a few cups, only know that the big pot used to hold drinks in winter is empty,touch screen board classroom, but his people have not come back, finally, Su Rin decided not to wait any longer. hsdsmartboard.com


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