The strongest abandons less

"Wang Peng, please get out of the way. I don't need you to follow us." Su Jingwen said coldly to Wang Peng,

"Wang Peng, please get out of the way. I don't need you to follow us." Su Jingwen said coldly to Wang Peng, then turned to him and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Master. This man is just walking with me. He doesn't represent what I mean." "Jingwen, this person obviously covered his face, and this palm-sized piece of yellow paper also sold for ten thousand yuan, it is clear that it is a liar, tens of thousands of yuan is a trivial matter, in case Auntie has something.." Wang Peng also wanted to persuade, but Su Jingwen's face was cold, and it was obvious that she was already a little impatient. Collection and recommendation are much less than yesterday. Laowu asks for recommendation again. Thanks to Siraitia grosvenorii Changmei, ljin, mthgjmh and shengli125 for their comments and support! Thank you. At the same time, I would like to thank Xiaoxiao for watching YY talk about the reward, thank you!!!) Chapter V Rental Housing You go, I will not sell things to you, this guy is here to affect my appetite. (The hand-typed Chinese website has been continuously updating pure txt hand-typed novels for 724 hours.) "He pointed to Wang Peng and said to Su Jingwen.". Over the past few years, Su Jingwen has been so worried about her mother's illness that she has no spirit at all. She has no hope for the hospital at all. She heard a master say that her mother was probably bewitched. As long as she bought a magic weapon to ward off evil spirits, she could dispel evil spirits and make her mother wake up. But she did buy a lot of instruments, but the mother has not the slightest sign of awakening, now some people say that his amulet can make the mother awake,large ficus tree, where she will let go. Even the man in front of her cheated her, but only tens of thousands of yuan, tens of thousands of yuan for her Su family is really not money. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, she will not give up. Although she knew in her heart that ninety-nine percent of what the man said was false, she still wanted to try. Now listen to Kui say so, where will not be anxious, hurriedly said to Kui: "I'm sorry, master,artificial plant wall panels, this person has nothing to do with me." Then Su Jingwen took a cold look at Wang Peng and said, "Mr. Wang, please go ahead. Please don't follow me, or I'll call the police." Wang Peng listened to Su Jingwen's words, his eyes took a cold look at him, and in his heart he had already regarded him as a cripple. He must ask someone to break the hands and feet of this ungrateful guy. But Su Jingwen said so, he also has no face to continue to stay here, can only dejectedly turn around and leave. Seeing Wang Peng's eyes, of course, he knew what this guy wanted to do, but he had only been doing this business for a few days, and when he finished it, he left immediately, where would he care about anything else. (The hand-typed Chinese website has been continuously updating pure txt hand-typed novels for 724 hours.) Besides, he is not afraid of this Wang Peng at all. I want all the'pure amulet 'here. How much is it? Seeing Wang Peng walking away, Su Jingwen said eagerly. Kui picked up the two'pure amulets' and said, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,artificial banyan trees, "This amulet is my painstaking work. Of course, it's not much. There are only two.". You just need to use a better one. As for the other one, if you can't use it up, you can keep it in a jade box. Generally, there is no problem in ten years. The two pieces are thirty thousand yuan in total. Then he picked up two'Qingshen amulets' and handed them to Su Jingwen, and pointed out to her the'Qingshen amulet 'which was close to the first level. Su Jingwen accepted two amulets, but wrote a check for fifty thousand yuan. She was not a person who liked to take advantage of others. She picked up an'amulet 'and a'fireball amulet' and handed them to Su Jingwen, saying, "Since they are fifty thousand, I'll give you these two together.". This one is an'amulet '. You can go back and make a sachet and hang it on your body. As for the'fireball amulet', it is used for self-defense. When you meet a gangster, you can directly hit it and say'Lin '. Seeing that she was unwilling to take advantage of herself, Su Jingru had even greater hopes for the two charms, which were not a liar in any way. Hearing this, he asked, "Master, I don't know how to use this'pure amulet '." Kui put away the check and said, "The same thing is to throw the amulet at the patient and then say the word'Lin '.". "Steal the sky" "Well, I don't know the master's name. Can you go with me to see my mother? I can pay you double." After getting the'Qingshen amulet ', Su Jingru felt that her irritable mood seemed to gradually subside, and it looked like a piece of paper-like amulet, with some weight. He was even more confident, and only then did he move the idea of inviting him. Kui, of course, would not go with Su Jingwen. He just waved his hand and said, "I don't have to go. This amulet is sure to save people." Su Jingwen and the woman named Xiao Yue saw that they did not want to go with them, so they could only take two charms and eagerly want to go back and try. When he saw the two women leaving, he turned around and closed the stall and went to the bank to cash the check. Now he needs money urgently. "Sister Wen, this man is wearing big sunglasses, and his face is not clear. Wang Peng's words are also reasonable. I think he is probably a liar." Although he knew he was a liar, the woman named Xiao Yue said euphemistically. Su Jingwen sighed, she did not know that he was a liar, but even if she knew that he was a liar, she had to try, because she did not want to give up any means to revive her mother, even if she knew that she had been cheated. See Su Jingwen sighed, but did not speak, bodyguard Xiao Yue seems to know her idea, look a little gloomy, but did not continue to say anything. When he got fifty thousand yuan, the first thing he did was to go out and find a place to live, because now he needed some medicinal materials to refine some liquid medicine, which was too inconvenient in the school. Or go out to rent a house more convenient, although the dormitory for several months can not see the shadow of the rest of the students, but his things are confidential, do not want to be so exposed. As long as you have money, it is easy to find a rental house in Ninghai, but it is rare to meet it. Because the place where he needs to live is not only quiet, but also fresh,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and even a place where he can practice martial arts every day. It is very difficult for him to improve his practice now, but he does not want to leave behind his previous secular martial arts, so he must have a means to protect himself.


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