President's husband catches up with the door

President's husband catches up with the door

"Brother Si Yao." Su Xi's eyes trembled slightly. When she was young, Nian Siyao was her most solid support and her most beautiful memory when she was young. Dressed in a white suit, Siyao's spine is straight, his eyes look Pure Brightness at Suxi, divorce does not mean that he completely lost Suxi, he can change an identity to stand beside Suxi. It's good to be your brother. His body trembled slightly, and Su Xi looked at Nian Siyao in disbelief, as if his stubbornness had been a dream before. Nian Siyao has been relieved, which is the best result. Do you want to see the divorce agreement? "Nian Siyao asked solemnly.". Su Xi smiled with relief, and the smile at the corners of her mouth swung open. With her cool lips and dark eyes, she thanked Nian Siyao for everything she had done for her. I have only one request. I want nothing but the stars. Su Xi doesn't want to owe more to Nian Siyao. Nian Siyao had already guessed that Suxi would say so, and he was afraid that what he wanted to give to Suxi could not be sent out. Then can you do me a favor? "Nian Siyao asked," Can you help me take care of Nian's house? "Nian Siyao looked hopeful, and at least she could have a house entanglement. She heard in his heart that he was unwilling to give up, and the words of refusal could not be said in his mouth. He clenched his hands, pressed his lips, and even breathed a little more nervously. I'll come back once in a while,silk olive tree, with the stars. Divorce with Nian Siyao is not to die of old age and no longer contact with him. With a sigh of relief in his heart, Nian Siyao was afraid that Suxi would refuse. His white shirt was wrinkled because of his movements. Walking back from the garden, Nian Xingchen was already full. She squinted at Nian Siyao and Su Xi. They could not see anything unusual. Nian Siyao, dressed in a white suit, and Su Xi, dressed in a white sweater, stood together,fake ficus tree, particularly well-matched, a good scene of handsome men and beautiful women. The baby is full. Nian Xingchen has a fleshy little belly and a satisfied face. Auntie Qin also praised beside her and said, "I've never seen a child like Miss Xingchen who eats so well." Su Xi and Nian Siyao showed a satisfied smile, their family's star baby, more and more model, worthy of Su Xi many times to teach her dining etiquette. Su Xi glanced at the snacks on the table. After a little thought, she said with a serious face, "There will be less sweets in the future." She looked at Nian Xingchen's fleshy body and felt rather sad. Nian Xingchen was discontented and looked at Nian Siyao for help. She loved sweets best. How could she have less sweets? Children who eat too much sweets are prone to tooth decay. Nian Siyao is on the side to help. Nian Xingchen's eyes dimmed, and it was obvious that her parents had "colluded", and she snorted discontentedly. Wiped spotless windows reflecting the sun, lake-blue curtains blowing with the wind, Su Xi looked out of the window, outdoor ficus tree ,large palm trees for sale, thinking of the agreement with Fu Yueze. She pulled Nian Siyao aside and discussed with him in a low voice, "Siyao, I want to take the stars to the villa in the south of the city. Xuanxuan has been clamoring to see the stars." Originally, she planned to go back in the evening, but Fu Yueze's text messages were like a ghost, one after another. Nian Siyao's body moved slightly, his eyes darkened, and the wind passing through the hall blew up the corner of his clothes. Uncle Liang, close the window quickly. He frowned and ordered that the cold wind outside would freeze the stars when it blew into the room. Then he whispered to Susie, "Good.". Go early and come back early. Originally thought that Su Xi could stay in the house for a few more days, at least to accompany him through the Spring Festival, but it turned out to be his wishful thinking. Su Xi looked apologetic. Before she opened her mouth, Nian Siyao was the first to say, "Don't say such words as sorry or sorry. If you really want to treat me as your elder brother, you will not be polite to me in the future." "Mmm." Su Xi nodded solemnly. Do you still remember the sentence you liked when you were young? "Nian Siyao suddenly remembered his youth.". Just as in those days, Su Xi squinted slightly. At that time, she had long, silky hair and noodles in clear soup. Plain face, often holding a book in hand, with the temperament of Wenqing. As long as you want, as long as I have. Do what I can, what I have. The voice in my memory traveled through time and fell on Susie's ears. Black and white eyes reveal a trace of attachment to the past, the sound of closing the window came, Su Xi looked deeply at Nian Siyao. You are the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Nian Siyao turned his head with a sigh. He stood outside the landscape without picking a single flower.


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Sudden sensationalism, so that Su Xi did not know how to deal with themselves, her panic fell in the eyes of Nian Siyao. Their entanglement can not be ended with a sentence, "If you can, please forget me." Whose heart is tortured every day and night? You are my most trustworthy brother. Su Xi showed a fragile smile, and the white sweater made her more and more pale. Nian Siyao had walked three meters to the left, some distance away from Su Xi, so that he could be more sober. Nian Xingchen automatically ran to Suxi's side. She hugged Suxi's leg. "Mom, mom hugs." Nian Xingchen is automatically generated as Suxi's leg pendant. Su Xi bent down and had no resistance to her baby daughter. She picked up the little meatball without complaint. You're too heavy for me to carry. Susie said sweetly that it was a sweet burden to hold the little guy. Mom, you are so weak, you have to exercise well, Uncle Qin can pick up the baby with one hand! "Nian Xingchen said while moving in Suxi's arms, very nifty." Don't move, or I'll throw you away. Su Xi can't bear such a torment as Nian Xingchen. Take the baby out to play. Nian Xingchen ordered like an uncle. Nian Siyao looked helplessly at Nian Xingchen and hugged her from Suxi's arms. Suxi was always weak, but he was not willing to let Nian Xingchen toss about. Dad, you're going to hold me with one hand. You're not cool. The more Nian Xingchen spoke, the more proud he became,faux ficus tree, shaking his legs in Nian Siyao's arms. Really quite heavy, Su Xi looked at the interaction between father and daughter, the corners of the mouth stained with a smile.


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