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Although looking at Ye Ming is usually very cold, but to the critical moment,

Although looking at Ye Ming is usually very cold, but to the critical moment, it is not useful. Unexpectedly, he fainted earlier than himself. The rapid fall made him almost unable to open his mouth, as if he could put his stomach in an instant? The way o is filled. But he opened his mouth with difficulty and asked, "Meng Bai, it's all up to you this time.". If I were still alive, you would be my eldest brother in the future! Meng Bai turned to look at him and showed his trademark bad smile again. So, little brother, remember to invite big brother to dinner. "You." Wang Ke wants to say that you have a way. But as soon as he said a word, his mouth was filled with a stronger wind. Moreover, their distance from the ground.. It's not enough for him to finish the sentence. Daiwei, the little kid, suddenly appeared beside Meng Bai, and time seemed to slow down. Wang Ke, Meng Bai and Ye Ming were all still in the air. Wang Ke, in particular, had an unusually twisted face and a long mouth, as if he had seen the death he had taken over. Meng Bai found that his body could move, so he mobilized his body in the air and looked at Dai Wei. At this time, Daiwei actually carried a parachute and stopped in front of him in the air. Looked at him funny. "What's wrong?"? Do you have a way? Meng Bai shook his head and suddenly showed a row of white teeth. "Why don't you give me your parachute?" He said with a smile. Yes, but unfortunately it's just a phantom. Wait for time to recover, you still have no way. "So.." Meng Bai said,plastic bottle making machine, "I'll bet!" "How can I bet?" Dawei asked, turning up the corners of his mouth. Meng Bai smiled even more wantonly, "all at random, pressing on all my achievement points." All random is the highest bet on a good thing. Although Meng Bai thinks that what he needs most now is a kind of flying skill. But if the martial arts category is chosen randomly, it is estimated that the best flying skill will not get him out of trouble. Just all random. Dai Wei nodded. "As you wish, I hope you are lucky enough.". Otherwise, this will probably be our last meeting. So, here we go. A comet flew into the cave from nowhere and even passed through the stone wall. Its gorgeous tail makes the whole cave unusually bright. Meng Bai, even from his point of view, could see Uncle Wang hanging above, looking down helplessly. And then, PET blowing machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, the comet kept spinning, kept spinning. The shape of a card gradually emerged. Finally, the comet gradually stopped. Meng Bai looked at the card nervously. When all the light dissipated, Meng Bai saw the words on the card. Time card: King Kong is indestructible. [Http://] Network disk Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use.? Chapter 77 the Third Hand? Meng Bai must have bought a prosthetic limb to scare me. Time card? What the hell is this? If Meng Bai looks down carefully, he can use Shaolin Juexue and Vajra Immortal Skill for a short time. Time of use, three seconds. [Http://] Netdisk Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use. Three seconds? Enough! Meng Bai said with some excitement. Although it is not a flying skill, anything that can save his life now is a good thing. The height of more than 100 meters is about five seconds, and the time just spent is definitely more than two seconds, that is to say, as long as the time is restored, it will be used immediately, and there is absolutely no problem. Meng Bai took the card down in his hand and turned to look at Dai Wei, who was carrying a parachute, and said, "Time goes on." Dai Wei smiled. It seems that the story between us is not over yet. Then he took the parachute off his back. Like a throw in the air.. The wind suddenly moved, and a strong current blew past Meng Bai again. He found that when time recovered. I went back to the state of head down. It seems that everything just now is like a dream. He might have thought so if the hot card on his chest had not still burned his chest. Meng Bai pressed his hand to his chest and read silently. "Time Card King Kong Immortal Skill Use." [Http://] Netdisk Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use. …… In Wang Ke's consciousness, he did not feel the pause of time just now. He had only the approaching ground in front of him. Just as he was about to close his eyes and face death calmly, a golden light suddenly pierced his eyes. It was so bright that at a glance, it seemed that another golden man was standing beside him. At this moment, he even had an idea of believing in Buddhism. The golden figure was like the golden arhat who came to pick him up from the Western Paradise. He didn't even feel it. His two arms dragged him and Ye Ming high, and even there was internal force on his arms to protect them. Ah Ah Meng Bai gave a loud roar. Bang! Finally, the three men hit the ground hard. Ye Ming was thrown far away, Wang Ke even hit the stone wall, bounced a few times, and fell steadily to the ground. I'm.. Did you survive? Wang Ke looked at his hands uncertainly, with scratches on them, and even a cut more than ten centimeters long. But these are not important, for people who practice martial arts, it is too simple to recover from such minor injuries. Hello Are you all right? The rough voice of Uncle Wang came from the cliff. At this moment, Uncle Wang was already very anxious. Because he put himself in the position of thinking, facing such a situation, there is absolutely no solution. And the loud noise below really made him shiver. The sound was not at all like the collision of flesh and stone. On the contrary,water bottle packaging machine, there is a sound of the collision of gold and stone. What is the sound of the collision of metal? Could it be that there was some steel instrument below, and they happened to bump into it? This idea makes Uncle Wang even more panicked. Maybe they can solve it. Maybe some of them practice hard skills, but steel.


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