The beast's blood boils

Unlike ordinary snakes, Hydra's body is not covered with scales, its skin is covered with blue spikes like thorns,

Unlike ordinary snakes, Hydra's body is not covered with scales, its skin is covered with blue spikes like thorns, and its trunk is as strong as a super-large oak barrel, with two stone piers. At first glance, it looks like two blue elephant feet. Each of the nine huge triangular heads has a neck. Among them, the snake head in the middle is the most huge and horrible. The red snake practices "hissing" one after another. From time to time, several heads show sharp fangs and bite each other. The howl of laughter quickly approached. With the turning of a head in the middle of Hydra, another monster quickly appeared in the swamp, gliding over the swamp with its body moving quickly. It stopped about five hundred yards away from Hydra, raised its body in a splashing wild wormwood, and shook its head with a strange laugh at Hydra who was staring at it. It was a huge strange snake, and its size was no less than Hydra's. Two strange snakes and Liu Zhen regret, like a "product" word, three legs stand, eyeing each other covetously. This strange snake actually has a very standard face on its inverted triangular head. Although it is also covered by thick red snake scales, the outline of its facial features is concave and convex. The nose is the nose,water filling machine, the mouth is the mouth, and even the eyebrows are two beautiful oblique splayed eyebrows composed of white scales. The strange snake kept its head down all the time, so that it could see normally in the posture of an ordinary snake looking at the ground. Its two dark lantern eyes were particularly dazzling in the fiery red scales of the snake. Not only that, but the basilisk has two sharp front paws, each the size of a basket, and a sweet egret held tightly in its sharp left paw. A scorpion-like hook tail was held high behind him. The whiplash tail of the bone horn ring was four blades high. It was strong but very smart. On the red body, there was only a striking tile blue on the tail hook,water filling machine, which was obviously poisonous. Liu Zhen regret once dealt with the goblins of Razor Mountain from the ancestral Feili poisonous python, that kind of prehistoric beast once made Liu Zhen regret once thought that the most ferocious snake in the world was this, but unexpectedly, today is good, a touch is two giant snakes, compared with Feili poisonous python, I'm afraid it's even better. Liu Zhen stood at the boundary marker with the world insect in his arms, looking up at the two ancient beasts, and the half-kneeling golden man behind them, strong as a mountain, shining with the light of the mercury array. The eyes of the two strange snakes are fierce, and the eyes of Liu Zhen are equally sharp. Guoguo picked up a stone to break the seaweed rope on Benny Road Warrior Feigao. Although the seaweed was tough, Beverage packing machine ,PET blow moulding machine, it was broken quickly one by one. The macaw proudly flew two hundred yards in front of the two strange snakes, with the same gongs and drums in its mouth. The two-headed basilisk, twenty in all, followed it with a full circle of gaze. For a foul-mouthed parrot, it's a dragon or a snake. In its eyes, it is generally called "silly B". This can not be blamed for its eyes do not know Temuraya, for it, in the face of this beast, not stingy than an ant looking up at a frost giant. Who has ever seen an ant run away from a giant in a panic? The giant snake with a human face actually spoke. What should I call you. Dear Beamon? Although the common language of the Aegean continent of the strange snake with human face is a little stiff, it does make people hear what it means, but its scale group has never moved, and the sound comes from its stomach, like beating a huge drum. How can you talk? Liu Zhen was a little curious. From the very beginning, when he saw Hydra, he said that he knew that the so-called gods in the mouth of the sea people were actually just two ancient beasts, but what he never thought was that there was a strange snake that could speak. I am Gran, and this is my old friend, a very powerful being.. Hydra, it's a Storm Hydra. Have you seen its skin? It's already blue. Humbly, the snake pointed to the Hydra with its claws, and its demeanor, if not its ugly appearance, could be called "elegant". "Oh.." It was the Lord of the Tides. Liu Zhen was suddenly enlightened. It was not that he was ignorant, but that the name of the Lord of the Tides, Gegerain, had long been heard, but only heard. In the world of the Aegean continent, whether it is the underground world or the sea world, each of these three domains has the strongest creature born. If the representative of the surface world is the dragon family, and the representative of the underground is the fire Lord, then the widest sea world should be the tide Lord or the abyss Lord. Interestingly, the strongest creatures in other realms have always been mysterious, except for the dragons, who have partners or partners in adventures with humans or Beamons. Tide Lord Geri is said to have the ability to summon the tides. In addition, Tide Lord is famous for being very treacherous and is said to be the embodiment of the deceiver. Hydra is a little bigger than the Tide Lord. It is said that this strange snake has the blood of the Protoss. It can never be killed without cutting off its head in the middle. If it is a storm Hydra, then this Hydra already has the power to summon tsunamis. These two powerful creatures love nothing more than to devour souls, because it increases their power. Two respected strong men, I am Richard, Lord of Feilengcui in the Kingdom of Beamon. Liu Zhen smiled and nodded to the two powerful beings. To tell the truth, the background of these two guys is no different from that of the two noble dragons. Jie Jie.. Tide Lord Gerain laughed strangely,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and even his two giant claws trembled. "Lord Richard, what a coincidence!"! I'm a Lord, too. We should be as close as possible. "Do you mean a fight?" Liu Zhen asked with a smile.


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