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Shaowu can only because he controls the Jianmu array at the moment;

Shaowu can only because he controls the Jianmu array at the moment; Huwa can because he has nine realms of cultivation, and the Jianmu array has just been opened by himself. . Visit :.。

At the time of "soaring", the people of Bayuan gathered their minds of'essence 'sincerity, and the primordial spirit of life had been refined to the extreme of'essence' purity. If she were a monk who had just broken through the nine realms, the primordial spirit of pure Yang should have been completely cultivated at this moment. As far as the tiger baby is concerned, suddenly there is a sense of time and space'making mistakes', and the body of the life evil spirit rises slowly, but in reality it is only a short moment.

The tiger baby instinctively felt that something was wrong, because the cultivation of the evil spirit of life had not broken through the nine realms, and at the moment it was still a complete transformation of the nine realms. It is not so easy to break through the nine realms of cultivation. It is only a process of entering the reincarnation of life and death. It is like the boundless shore of the bitter sea, as if it will never come to an end.

Sha had long known that this great array of building wood was a shortcut to heaven left by Emperor Taihao, but the conditions for opening this shortcut were too harsh, and now it was finally met. From the very beginning, she wanted to use this shortcut to ascend directly to the land of the emperor, but could she succeed? The truth should not be so simple.

Flying up and away along Jianmu,liquid bottle filling machine, it was only the cloud soul of the life evil spirit. The other life evil spirit was still sitting in the clouds above the palace. That was her'flesh 'body, just like the slough of an immortal family.

At the moment, she looks like a'Yin 'God but not a'Yin' God. With the help of the sincere mind of all the people in Bayuan, she condenses and purifies herself, but after all, she is not the primordial God of pure Yang of the immortal family. As soon as the tiger baby's mind moved,juice filling machine, before he had time to figure it out, he heard an exclamation in the primordial spirit, which was the voice of life.

Life has flown over the eight horizontal branches, reaching the ninth branch position, eyes into the endless another inexplicable time and space, but suddenly stopped. Building wood array is still in operation, invisible force traction, is about to send her away from this world, but life is struggling, the primordial spirit of the body is also dissipating. She suddenly gave up soaring and tried to return to her'flesh 'body.

But the power of the Jianmu Array is hard for her to fight against, at the same time. Flames suddenly flared around the body of the life demon hiding in the clouds. Huwa sensed clearly that it was not a real flame burning, water bottling line ,PET bottle Mold, but a'medicine 'from the Pearl God was refined and absorbed. The'flesh 'body is the root of the primordial spirit, and the life evil spirit performs the secret art of'holding' to control the'flesh 'body and refine the'medicine' from the pearl spirit. Try to maintain the connection between the'flesh 'body and the primordial spirit, so as to protect the primordial spirit.

Under normal circumstances, the primordial spirit is out of body. Unless it is the primordial spirit of pure Yang, it will not directly appear, and the mind can return to the'flesh 'body furnace tripod. [For the latest chapters, please go to # 26825; # 33457; # 31958; # 23567; and # 35828; and # 32593;, # 119;, # 119;, # 46; # 109; # 105; /# 110; # 97;# 104; # 117; But at this moment, the primordial spirit of life not only clearly appeared, but also could not go back.

The clothes worn by the "flesh" body are all turned into nothingness, not burned to ashes by the flame, but dissipated in the "shock" and "swing" of the magic power. The tiger baby can "kill the'flesh 'body in the clouds", but the little service is right. Shaowu can only build the top of the wood, the life of the body is getting lighter and lighter, as if it is dissipating, struggling to become slightly solidified.

The voice of the life evil spirit came from the primordial spirit: "Shaowu, stop at once!"

The voice she makes with the primordial spirit is no different from the divine mind. Only Shaowu and Huwa could hear it at the moment, and the people in the square and the people of Bayuan in the city walls did not know what had happened. Shaowu seemed to turn a deaf ear and did not stop the big battle array. He knelt down again in front of the altar and said, "I would like to send the holy queen Qingyan to heaven." As soon as he opened his mouth, all the people of Bayuan opened their mouths in unison.

At this moment, how could Huwa not understand that something had gone wrong. Everything was under her control before the exclamation of life. Shaowu Yitong Bayuan worshipped her as the God of the national sacrifice and promised to open a shortcut for her to the sky at the national sacrifice ceremony.

Shaowu led all the people to shout out the first "Respectfully send the holy queen green salt to ascend to heaven", which was in accordance with the requirements of life. Or the two of them have already discussed it. Life evil spirit took the initiative to accept the guidance of this ceremony to be able to "fly up" and go.

Perhaps it was the evil spirit of life that found that the hope of stepping on the path to heaven was extremely slim after he had reached the perfection of the nine turns of the realm of transformation. Even if he could enter the realm of reincarnation of life and death, it would not be easy, let alone break through. So we need to find a shortcut to get to the sky. According to the ancient legend of Bayuan, the fully operational Jianmu Array is such a shortcut.

As for whether this plan could succeed or not, she should have had the idea of trying by luck, but she did not expect this result. There is no shortcut to the sky, even if there is. Must also first break through the nine realms of cultivation, and there is no trick.

Shaowu led all the people to shout out the second "Respectfully send the holy queen Qingyan to ascend to the sky." The life demon, who was still struggling, seemed to be unable to resist the force that sent her out of the world. Unfortunately, her cultivation could not yet ascend to the sky, so the end would be the dissipation of her spirit,liquid bottle filling machine, unless Shaowu stopped the operation of the Jianmu Array at this moment.

If Shaowuzhen stops the big array of Jianmu, then the evil spirit of life will escape safely, and the benefits will be beyond imagination. gzxilinear.com


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