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Funeral homes and cremation providers in the US have been listed in US Funerals Online’s directory in order to help all site visitors find local funeral and cremation services. Funeral homes, cremation providers, or mortuaries are listed by state and city, organized by Zip code.


You can find funeral or cremation providers by using a logical and geographically organized database.  When you live in a large city, it is not always easy to find your nearest provider because many directories list their information alphabetically.


Here is statewise funeral homes list :

All funeral homes and cremation providers in the U.S. are listed in our directory completely free of charge. Our staff will verify the information and correct any inaccurate funeral business listings if you submit them to us.


If you arrive at US Funerals Online and are looking for a low-cost funeral or cremation provider, please visit DFS Memorials. Funeral association and organization members are responsible for supporting, educating, and regulating funeral professionals and funeral homes, cremation facilities, and cemeteries throughout the United States.


Association of National Funeral Directors: A major funeral association in the US is the National Funeral Directors Association.  Over 120 years have passed since the association was founded in Brookfield, Wisconsin.


Funeral homes that are selected: The number of independent funeral homes in membership has now reached over 1500.  Selected Morticians have been representing the association since 1917.


Association Internationale Cimetière, Cremation Funeral: Since 1887, ICCFA has represented all sectors of the cemetery, funeral service, cremation, and memorialization industries through its international trade association.


It was formed by the National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association. Funeral directors of African descent are members of the NFDMA.  Its headquarters are in Georgia, but chapters can be found throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and South Africa as well.


Are you aware of this?


Beginnings of the term ‘funeral home’


The funeral home as we know it today arised after the Civil War when the procedure of embalming entered into general method. Lots of funeral chapels were understood during the late 18th– early 19th century as ‘funeral homes’.


The factor for this is during this duration the deceased was commonly outlined to rest in the family home in the shop. Throughout the late 19th century the practice of embalming became prevalent, and this caused much more organizations opening up to offer this ‘profession’.


The routine of taking care of our deceased passed from the family members home to the funeral home.


The word ‘mortuary’ originates from the Latin ‘mortuarium’, implying receptacle for dead points. It is today commonly recognized to be ‘a location, particularly a funeral chapel, where carcass are kept before burial or cremation.’


Using the word mortuary was first taped in 1865 replacing the created term currently of ‘deadhouse’. The term ‘morgue’ is very closely linked to our concepts of a mortuary, and also both terms can be made use of reciprocally.


Morgue has its beginnings in French language. Morgue is extra usually use in North American, whilst mortuary is a lot more usual in British English to describe momentary cooled storage space for the deceased.


A mortuary can also frequently be a funeral chapel. Interestingly, mortuary is more often discovered in funeral chapel names on the West coast of the United States.


The term undertaker is rarely made use of these days (aside from on the planet of wrestling) but was utilized as the usual term stemming around the 17th century to define the profession for a person that prepared the dead for funeral, and in the ‘Wild West’ feeling, also constructed the casket.


United State Funeral Market

The fatality care industry in the U.S. alone is valued at around $15 billion. There remain in the area of 20,000 funeral homes, and also mortuaries. There are likewise approximately 115,000 burial grounds and also Memorial Gardens as well as 1,700 crematories.


We would certainly expect that the number of funeral chapels in the U.S. will certainly decrease over the coming years as the cremation price rises, similarly we are most likely to see the variety of crematories boost. Instead of the clear distinction between funeral home, cemetery as well as crematory, we are likely to see these solutions amalgamate.


Presently there are at the very least 1,000 mix funeral chapels and also burial grounds in the U.S. funeral market as well as around $25 billion is held in trust funds pursuant to preneed setups.


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