The young lady of the general's family is neither the wife nor the pet. Even if she is the daughter of the palace,

The young lady of the general's family is neither the wife nor the pet. Even if she is the daughter of the palace, her life is not much better. Shen Jin can only stand behind his mother between the throne and the pet, but he is still regarded as an abandoned son to marry out of Beiji

When Mammy Zhao heard this, she said, "When I got the news that Your Majesty intended to marry the general, the old slave boldly guessed at the two princesses. They were the only two daughters of Your Majesty's age. Princess Zhaoyang was born by the queen, and she was slightly younger than Princess Chenyang. The old slave thought it would be Princess Chenyang, but he didn't think it would be the daughter of King Rui in the end." In fact, not only Mammy Zhao but also the military advisers of the General's Office have guessed that Emperor Cheng's marriage is just to show kindness to the Chu family and strengthen the connection between the Chu family and the royal family, so it is the best choice to choose a princess to marry. It is not that Chu Xiuming thinks highly of himself, but that the position of Mrs. Yongningbo is really worth such a price. With the military merit of the Chu family and her position in the army, even the marriage of the queen's daughter is made. As long as normal people are afraid to know what kind of choice, but who would have thought that they just met a big muddleheaded and small shrewd Emperor Cheng, not only reluctant to give up the queen's daughter, even the daughter of the concubines are not willing to give, but to marry the concubine of King Rui. If the emperor did not have a daughter of the right age at that time, he would forget it, but he just didn't want to. If Emperor Cheng really loves his daughter to do such a confused thing, it is also true temperament, but from what he did behind him, we know that this is not the case. Why did Princess Rui send silver to Chu Mingxiu? She knew some things as early as decades ago, and did not move until the border town was rescued. In the final analysis, it's just disappointed with Emperor Cheng. If you really guard against the Chu family, then don't use the Chu family, but he can't leave the Chu family. So it's a good way to draw in kindness. When the Chu family really commits a crime, the world's righteousness also stands on Emperor Cheng's side. But what about Emperor Cheng? Want to draw in the Chu family, but can not swallow that tone, but also guard against the Chu family, guard against so obvious, big things can not hold, in small things on the disgust of the Chu family. For example, those rumors in the capital, their generation who have not seen Chu Xiuming's parents, unless Chu Xiuming is adopted,saw palmetto extract, otherwise how will not grow into rumors, but they all know in their hearts, no more mouth is, this kind of rumors most deceive Shen Jin their generation. To Chu Xiuming refers to the marriage of such a thing, Princess Rui had also guessed, thought it was between Zhaoyang and Princess Chenyang, but who would have thought that it fell in the palace of Prince Rui, when she learned the news, Princess Rui simply did not know what to say, in fact, even if the king of Rui did not mention, Princess Rui would not let Shen Zi marry in the past, that is not marriage but enmity. When she knew that the border town was besieged and Emperor Cheng did not send troops to the rescue, and even after the final rescue, she had to get a card on the hay and trench, Princess Rui was really disappointed. Thanks to Emperor Cheng's stupid move, ghana seed extract ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, he left another way for Prince Rui's mansion. Thinking of what his father said before he got married, he had already seen Duan Rui for the first time. At that time, his father chose King Rui, but he married King Rui's identity and his confusion. In fact, Emperor Cheng let Chu Xiuming go to the capital this time, if he really crossed the Rubicon and let people kill Chu Xiuming directly, Princess Rui still thinks highly of him, now. Princess Rui looked at her two sons and said, "It's rare for your third brother-in-law to go to Beijing. You should be closer to him and take him around." In the palace, Shen Xuan was most convinced by the mother of Princess Rui, who said, "My son knows." Princess Rui nodded with satisfaction, her son is a civil and military all-rounder, if not. Princess Rui lowered her eyes slightly and restrained the look in her eyes. "Xier, you are not young. Do you know to ask your third brother-in-law more?" Shen Xi was a little younger and said with a smile, "my son knows." Said the princess. "Well, go down and read." "The son came to dinner with his mother in the evening." Shen Xi opened his mouth. Princess Rui nodded and agreed, and when Shen Xi left, only Princess Rui and Shen Xuan's mother and son were left in the house. Cui Xi also went down with the maid and personally guarded the door. When Shen Xuan saw that his mother had something to say, he pushed open the window and poured warm jujube tea for Princess Rui. Princess Rui breathed out slowly, "Xuan, when Yongning leaves this time, I'm going to let Xi follow him." "Is it too dangerous for the poor mountains and rivers in the border town and the covetous eyes of the barbarians?" Shen Xuan and Shen Xi have a good relationship, Wen Yan said, "I'm afraid the second brother can't stand it.". ” "Brocade girl can stand a girl's family. Why can't he stand it?" Princess Rui said in a deep voice, "Do you know why I haven't let you go to court to be an official?" Shen Xuan was brought around by Princess Rui when he was young. Unlike King Rui's confusion, he was more like Princess Rui. Especially after the life and death disaster, he was more calm and said, "My son understands." Princess Rui nodded and said, "From the day your uncle married the emperor in the mansion, the position of Prince Rui's mansion has been awkward." With an angry look on his face, Shen Xuan thought that this time his mother was picked up in the palace, saying that the queen mother missed her illness, but he knew what it was really like, and the father of Rui Wang, he could not count on, said, "My son understands that in this case, it is better to ask the third brother-in-law to arrange a position for the second brother, even if it is a pawn." "It's not that far." Princess Rui softened her face and said, "and the brocade girl is also a good child, she will not fail to understand." It's not that Shen Jin and Shen Xi have a good relationship, so they will take care of him more. Shen Jin is a sensible person, and a sensible person will not do anything stupid. If Shen Zi was married this time, Princess Rui would not make such an arrangement. In Yongning Bo Mansion, Shen Jin slowly ate jujube cheese and said something about the palace, "The queen is very kind." That is, some fake immortals and small animals have an intuition that they are really good to people or not. Zhao Mammy had some sympathy for the queen in her heart, and she was afraid that she would be choked by Shen Jin today. Chu Xiuming nodded and said, "just be kind." Kindness is equal to do superficial work, so not only dare not embarrass Shen Jin, afraid to help Shen Jin clean up the mess,jujube seed powder, who let Cheng Di put a lot of rumors about Shen Jin, the queen can not tear down the emperor's platform, the emperor's words is simply wrapped in a layer of golden armor for Shen Jin.


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