Feng Yu Jiu Tian

The moment the golden arrow fell into Zhuang Pu's hand. Had it not been for the desperate control of his calmness, Feng Ming would have almost shouted excitedly.

The moment the golden arrow fell into Zhuang Pu's hand. Had it not been for the desperate control of his calmness, Feng Ming would have almost shouted excitedly. All the people who followed him breathed a sigh of relief in a cold sweat. Scatter again, the battalion officers and soldiers back to the original garrison, remember to pass through the city, do not disturb the people, make things bigger. Zhuangpu held the golden arrow in front of his chest and calmly ordered around him, "Generals, come with me to Tongan Court and apologize to your Highness." As soon as Feng Ming heard that he was going to Tongan Hospital immediately, he thought that he would be very obedient. Those who don't slip away quickly at this time are absolutely fools. "Congratulations to the general for making the best choice. My Xiao family is busy and waiting for me to deal with it. It won't hinder the general's visit to His Highness Qingli.". Take your leave. Feng Ming looked gratefully at Wu Qian for the last time, and handed over to the generals of the same country, kicked the horse's belly, pulled the reins and walked away. Zhuang Pu had already received the golden arrow, and had seen Princess Changliu confirm his alliance with Qingli. How could he guess what had happened in Tongan Courtyard? Seeing Feng Ming coming over with a box of arrows, he thought it was Qingli's order to let Feng Ming leave, and it was an order to test whether he was still loyal to the same country. Although he was not willing to let Feng Ming, who had killed Uncle Wang, leave, he could only make a gesture and ask the soldiers behind him to make way. Feng Ming exultation, heart beating wildly, led him from the door of the King of Hell around a circle of three hundred people,carnosic acid price, riding a horse hula from line-ups powerful army of the same country through. In fact, Tongan Courtyard is also in the city of Tongze, and not far away is the bluestone Avenue of many residential buildings. Feng Ming, carrying a heart, led the crowd just through the terrible army of the same country, set foot on the bluestone road leading to the city gate, a rapid sound of hooves suddenly came. In front of them, a fast horse was running madly towards them,phycocyanin spirulina, no, actually towards the army of the same country that had not yet withdrawn behind them. The rider, wearing armor, looked like a general of the same country, and carried a package in his hand. Sharp-eyed, Rong Hu saw it at a glance and whispered, "No, it's He Yan!"! He must have found the head. Ming Wang, go! A whip on Feng Ming's horse's buttocks. With a loud hiss, the steed let go of its four hooves and rushed to the city gate. The crowd naturally followed suit to speed up. He Yan was responsible for investigating the case of Wang Shu's murder, sent people to interrogate nearby residents all night, and sent people to search every corner of the street inside and outside the palace and even in front of the palace. Originally, he wanted to investigate whether the assassin had surveyed the environment of the palace before he started, and how long he had planned, akba boswellic acid ,best green coffee bean extract, so the investigation focused on several houses opposite the palace. Unexpectedly, the house did not find anything, but found a strange package hanging high from the tree. After opening, He Yan and the soldiers of the same country present were stunned and all of them were scared out of a cold sweat. It turned out to be a lifelike head. And it's the king's head! He Yan was so frightened that he didn't dare to say anything at once. He immediately put everything down and rushed to Zhuangpu with the package in his hand. He was so shocked that he immediately reported to Zhuang Pu that he was so nervous that he didn't see Feng Ming coming from the opposite side. When he realized how the young master of the Xiao family, who should have been surrounded in Tongan Courtyard, had run away, Feng Ming had already led his men to rumble past him, and rushed to the gate at the far end of the road for fear of being caught up. He Yan is angry and struggling at this time, which is really indescribable. That may be the murder of the king's murderer of the thief is rushing to the direction of the city gate, ZhuangPu general's army was unaware of a hundred paces away, and his hand, still carrying the king's head! In a flash of lightning, He Yan experienced the most painful struggle and choice in his life. Finally, he gritted his teeth and gave up Fengming and rushed to the same army not far away. Now only the forces in the hands of the emperor, can intercept the thief, revenge for the king! "General!" He Yan rushed into the army of the same country, which was gradually showing signs of retreat, bumped into several infantry in succession, and rushed to Zhuangpu, who was discussing with other generals how to speak in front of Qingli. "Hm?"? He Yan? What's the matter. "The king's head!" "What?" He Yan was so anxious that his teeth trembled and he could not care about anything else. He stuffed the package in his hand into Zhuangpu's hand and pointed to the direction of Fengming's escape with tears. "That little thief.." The king's head! Chuang Pu saw that his confidant was so sad and eager that he already felt something was wrong. He immediately untied the package and fixed his eyes on it. Suddenly, his face changed greatly and he was inconsolable. "Your Majesty!" Almost fell off the horse. The people of the same country were shocked and cried out, "Your Majesty!"! It's the king! He Yan got a moment's breath and was finally able to speak. He said with grief and indignation, "My subordinates found the king in the tree opposite the palace.." General, what Uncle Wang said before he died was true. The thief killed the king and took the king's head.. "Your Majesty." Zhuang Pu's teeth were almost broken. "The little thief of the Xiao family who was cut to pieces with thousands of knives!"! I will kill you! Somebody! Send orders to seal the gates immediately and fight back with me! The recommendation waved wildly to the sky. Just then, a commotion broke out with the national army in front. Tongan courtyard, suddenly shot a burst of arrows, wounded more than a dozen soldiers standing in front of the same country. "The candle that the winter shoes were looking at was finally burning to the end." General, no! Tongan Court suddenly shot a sharp arrow! "Assemble military forces to kill the murderer!"! Hurry up When the soldiers came to report, Chuang Pu was still shouting angrily. When he heard the report, he suddenly remembered Prince Qingli, who had "conspired" with Feng Ming in the Tongan Courtyard. He said ferociously, "Go after the little thief!"! Break into Tongan Hospital! When it comes to the killing of the king of the same country, the prince is nothing. Why should such a beast who kills his father and uncle be the monarch of the same country? The same country's army, which was aroused by the grief and indignation of the monarch's head, was immediately divided into two groups, all the way to launch a strong attack with Anyuan, all the way to Fengming, who had not yet left the city gate, chasing after him in a murderous manner. In the mountain forest, everything is so quiet and natural. Mianya listened to the pleasant murmur of the water, bent his knees and sat on the smooth stone with a cool touch, chewing the sweet grass roots leisurely. In the eyes of the nobles, this action, which was vulgar and highlighted poverty, was done by him,rosmarinic acid supplement, especially with a kind of wild and uninhibited, free and easy between the eyes of the secular world. In the mountain spring at his feet, Su Jinchao stood in the water with his back to him like a log. The confrontation on land and underwater has been going on for a full hour. prius-biotech.com


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