Goodbye Star (Nvzun)

This scene made Ricky think that he could sleep in such a romantic bed with Ming Dang in his arms, which was undoubtedly full of great temptation for young and handsome boys, whether spiritual or physical.

This scene made Ricky think that he could sleep in such a romantic bed with Ming Dang in his arms, which was undoubtedly full of great temptation for young and handsome boys, whether spiritual or physical. Body. Immediately, without thinking, Ritchie decisively requisitioned the room as a private bedroom shared by Her Majesty and him, and then ordered the guards to put his luggage, and Ming Dang's luggage, into it. When everything was arranged, Rich went into the room contentedly, too lazy to clean up, and immediately climbed into the wide and soft crystal shoe bed with agile hands and feet, eager to enjoy the atmosphere ahead of time. High-grade and clean pillows, sheets, quilts, white background printed with golden flowers, faintly emitting a warm taste completely different from the ice and snow of Julie's motherland, Ricky closed his eyes very comfortably, lying in the sunshine with his limbs open, almost fell asleep. Colonel Colonel An urgent cry outside the room interrupted Ricky's precious sleep. He suddenly got up, opened the door and asked, "What's the matter?" At the door stood two slightly flustered Julian guards, who raised their hands and saluted him: "Report to the Colonel!"! Dr. Linggui is gone! Damn it! Didn't I tell you to keep an eye on him? Ricky forced a low growl from his throat and rushed out. Rich's arms were strong, his long legs were strong, and he was running with all his strength, like a fierce lion, with golden red hair,eye cream packing tube, flying like a hunting flag, burning Nawa's eyes. She stood quietly in the golden sea of flowers, watching the strange and familiar young officer Julie from the small hotel of Minglai's home, as if a flash of lightning appeared, she could not help but be stunned. Richie ran so fast and so fiercely that she almost bumped into Minglainawa, who was in front of him. Before she could react, another hand beside her pulled Richie hard, and at the same time, stopped him from castrating quickly: My boy! Don't you greet your master when you see him? What happened to all the manners I taught you? The woman's hoarse voice, mixed with a bit of charm,custom cosmetic packing, honey skin black pupil, pink lips slightly smiling, is Zhu Liming. Seeing clearly that the person who pulled him was his Pussycat Goddess, Richie took a steady step, remembered his mission in a flash, and became anxious again: "Dangdang!"! Linggui is missing. I'm going to find him! "Mr. Ling Gui, you see how bad you are. My boy is so anxious." Ming Dang sighed, his eyes rolling, and looked lazily at the people at his feet. "I really don't know how to punish you." Following the woman's deep eyes, Ricky was taken aback: Dr. Bujoya, who had been reported missing, and Ling Guishensen, who had been secretly ordered by Ming Dang to take care of him, were now tied up, with a pair of angry eyes open, struggling to curl up at Ming Dang's feet. Less than ten minutes ago, when Ming Dang was talking to Xiuda in the bedroom, he happened to see Ling Gui, plastic laminted tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, who had successfully escaped from the small hotel, and dared to climb the wall under her eyes. With an arrow, Ming Dang jumped straight down from the window and went to catch Ling Gui himself. Immediately after her, there was a stronger and stronger sound of exclamations, which can be called one after another. The first exclamation, of course, was cousin Xiuda, who was closest to her. The next, is to listen to the news, one after another to come to the Ming Laitanwa. Simonse, Nitron himself, and so on, as well as Minlainawa, who was informed by Minlainawa. Although Xiuda had seen the skill of Ming Dang, he was suddenly frightened by her sudden action, so he could not help screaming. Nitre is different, the little boy is admiring from the bottom of his heart. Idols are not built, …… And the elders of the Minglai family are completely. It was because of her desperate and ghostly jumping posture. Horror is inexplicable. Including Nawa, although she knew that Ming Dang graduated from the Julie Military Academy and received a four-star rank, she had never seen the real strength of the other side. After a few ups and downs, Ming Dang quickly ran to the corner and looked at Ling Gui's clumsy figure, who had managed to climb up and step on the bottom of the trees in the garden and straddled the top of the wall. He said slowly, "Shen Sen, do you like this kind of sport?" Shit! Listening to the woman in his ears, Linggui's whole body could not stop stiffening, and suddenly a white light flashed through his mind, despair, fear. Panic. He plucked up his courage to lift the other foot, but she held it firmly and pressed his thin ankle with sharp pain. Ah Her trained savagery was far beyond his imagination. It is more painful than a needle prick and heavier than a stone beating. Linggui raised his head, kicked his feet to counterattack, and dodged, but could not avoid her one hand, two fingers. He fell down, his face was pale, his buttocks landed first, and then he was kicked over by Ming Dang, his head and face were covered with mud and dew in the grass, and he was very embarrassed. Ming Dang pursed his lips and whistled, and several guards came with him in an instant. They rushed forward according to her orders and tied Ling Gui's hands and feet firmly. Without shackling Linggui, Mingdang explained contemptuously, "You are my doctor, not my prisoner. Please don't forget that." Ming Dang this whistle, blowing up particularly wanton and wild, than someone's style, simply equal, even better than the blue. Following the figure of Ming Dang, they came from Xiuda's bedroom to Minglai on the ground, especially the white-haired old master Minglai Tanwa, listening to the very kind whistle. A figure kept pouring out of my mind, a little boy climbing trees, swimming. The handsome boy sings and dances. Finally, the mature man set sail, traveled far away, and all of them were her beloved youngest son, Minlesis. The incomparable Minlesis. The old man thought slowly, looking at the sharp eyes of the exotic Queen Zhu Liming. In the heart Finally came into being. New questions: "You, after all." Who is it? Whose child is it? Apart from Sith, only his children can whistle such proud and perky whistles! Simone's misty eyes stayed on Ming Dang for a long time. The original speculation,plastic laminated tube, turned into reality, Nawa can not stop the headache, she is indeed the daughter of the Sith! What should I do? The present Empress of the Empire of Julian is the illegitimate daughter of the Minglai family of the Buchoya Empire!!.


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