I don't know where spring is deep

She thought that perhaps she had been dawdling in front of a painting for too long, and that they could not be disturbed and could not wait, so she quietly went elsewhere, did not care, and slowly paced over.

She thought that perhaps she had been dawdling in front of a painting for too long, and that they could not be disturbed and could not wait, so she quietly went elsewhere, did not care, and slowly paced over. She thought that her grandfather was very discerning and powerful, and that he had collected so many orphan works, as well as some paintings that were said to have been lost in the previous Dynasty. In front of a huge landscape painting screen blocked her line of sight, she was about to bypass the side, suddenly heard a faint voice behind the painting screen, "Tingting, you don't want to do this, I don't want to see you, you and I have a great disparity in identity, I just do not want to give you trouble." Meng Ting's voice was sobbing a little. "Brother Zian, do you know how hard it is for me to see you?"? This time I managed to get through to my fourth brother through Sister Fu before I could come in to see you. You're still saying that. Zi An seemed to be somewhat moved and sighed. Meng Ting added, "What's the difference in status? What do you think I am? I'm just a concubine. I'm not afraid of you. What else am I afraid of?"? As long as the future.. Fu Qingning could not hear the next words clearly. Suddenly Meng Ting sobbed twice and said, "In that case, you, you and I will say goodbye forever." Fu Qingning heard the sound of footsteps behind the painting screen. She didn't want to Wade through the troubled waters and startle the pair of miserable Mandarin ducks. Seeing an easel beside her, she hurriedly flashed her body to the back. Soon Meng Ting wiped her tears and rushed out,euro plastic pallet, followed by Zi An hurriedly chasing her out of the door. Fu Qingning frowned, heart way no wonder Meng Ting so attentive to her, the original is to take her as a son. Alas, even such a weak girl as Meng Ting was scheming to meet her lover. Although one thing about love is crazy, it's still a little hard to accept emotionally to be used like this. She was about to come out from behind the easel when she heard the voice of a middle-aged man outside the door: "Your Excellency, this way, please." Fu Qingning was startled, thinking of Meng Gang's instructions,plastic pallet manufacturer, thinking whether to hide or go out. Just as he hesitated, the man outside had come in. She looked through the gap in the easel and saw her third uncle, Meng Yixiu, accompanied by a slender man in black, enjoying calligraphy and painting. The two men commented on several paintings, only to hear the man say, "I heard that your house has a journey of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. I wonder if you can watch it." Meng Yixiu hesitated a little and said, "Well, Wanli Jiangshan Xing is in the Chamber of Secrets. It can only be opened with my father's permission. Your Excellency, you really want to see it. After I've told my father, I'll ask you to watch it." That man seems to be very disappointed: "So troublesome?"? Unfortunately, I don't have much time to spare. Meng Yixiu thought for a moment, "in that case, please wait here for me to report to my father." "That's right, plastic trash bins ,collapsible bulk container," said the man with a smile. "Brother Lao Meng." Meng Yixiu went out quickly. Fu Qingning also did not know what official position this person was, thinking that he could make the third uncle such a respectful person, probably the official was not small. Then she suddenly opened her eyes wide and almost screamed. The man looked around, pressed his hands somewhere under the desk, and heard a click. A huge mural on the wall cracked in the middle, revealing a secret door, which should be a secret room. The man went in without hesitation. Fu Qingning jumped under the heart, secretly saying that this adult was actually a thief, thinking about whether to go out and stop drinking or sneak away. Weighing the pros and cons, it was better to sneak away to find Meng Gang, and she hurriedly walked out of her hiding place. Before she reached the door, she heard the sound of the door of the Chamber of Secrets closing. She cried out for a while and reached out to pull out the hairpin on her head. As soon as she touched her hair, a gust of wind behind her grabbed her neck with one hand. At that time, she pulled out the hairpin on her head and stabbed it back. The man did not check for a moment and was almost stabbed. He withdrew his hand and leaned away. Fu Qingning took the opportunity to jump away. His heart was pounding. He felt that this was one of the dangers of his life. She gasped for breath and looked at the man. He was in his early twenties, with a high nose, handsome features, and a slightly dark complexion, and now he looked down at her with some surprise in his eyes. Fu Qingning's hair stood up all over her body. They stared at each other. The man saw her holding the hairpin tightly and her eyes were wide open like a cat with fried hair. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. He asked, "What did you see just now?" Fu Qingning shook his head hurriedly and said the standard answer at this time, "I didn't see anything." "Is there really nothing?" The man demanded. Fu Qingning nodded repeatedly, "yes.". I didn't see anything. Seeing that the man did not look convinced, she added, "Really, I can swear." The man smiled. "Do you really swear you didn't see anything?" Fu Qingning said that this man was so cunning that he had dug a big hole and had to jump. He had to be careless and hoped to fool him. She immediately said, "I, Fu Qingning, swear that everything that happened today will rot in my stomach. If there is any revelation, I will never be born." The man stared at her again, as if weighing what she had said. Fu Qingning's back has been soaked with cold sweat, she would like to lower her head, but that seems guilty, can only muster up the courage to his fierce eyes with a murderous look. She thought that her short life might be in this place, but Wei Yun would not know that maybe in the near future, there would be another girl beside him, who would soon forget her. She thought a hundred turns, a pair of eyes immediately covered with a layer of moisture, as if after a long time, and as if only after a moment, suddenly heard a sound of footsteps outside the door, and then Meng Yixiu surprised voice rang, "Qingning, how can you be here?" Fu Qingning felt that this was the best voice she had ever heard in her life, no one. Out of the door, she took a few deep breaths, only to feel that the white clouds in the sky, the grass on the roadside,heavy duty plastic pallet, and the common scenery had become vivid and lovely. Chapter 6 Returning to her residence, Lan Cao saw that she was pale. "What's the matter?" She asked in surprise. "Why do you look so ugly, girl?" 。 cnplasticpallet.com


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