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"Tu Jingyi." He Linlang no longer teased him, stretched out his hand while Tu Jingyi did not react, took the dark green juice into his hand, looked up and drank it all, and said with a smile, "I'm joking."

"Tu Jingyi." He Linlang no longer teased him, stretched out his hand while Tu Jingyi did not react, took the dark green juice into his hand, looked up and drank it all, and said with a smile, "I'm joking." Tu Jingyi heart thump thump, just when he Linlang was drinking medicine, a pair of bright eyes staring at him, as if. It's like what he's drinking isn't medicine, it's.. He. And what kind of joke is this, so serious that Tu Jingyi is almost shy to be steamed by his own heat. Tu Jingyi took a while to recover, and after calming down, there was a burst of chagrin and regret. Teacher He, who had such a good chance to get close to him just now, how could he drop the chain? It's so stupid! What the most useless and stupid fox in the world! "Your medicine is so strong." He Linlang said, "the stomachache is gone." Tu Jingyi's mind was full of chagrin, and his voice was inevitably low: "Well, this is planted by our family. My second sister-in-law usually likes to plant some Lingcao medicine in Tushan. The bottle I gave you before was also made by my second sister-in-law.". She's great. She's a miracle doctor. "No wonder." He Linlang said that he had vaguely heard that there was a miraculous doctor in Tu Shan Tu's family, which was rare in the world, but it was not clear who he was. Tu Jingyi said here, added in a low voice: "These medicines are private medicines, and others can't drink them." Only the Tu family is qualified to drink. He Linlang nodded,Time Delay Tap, Shi Ge's Lango Group has three pharmaceutical companies, in which 80% of the drugs come from Tushan. It can be said that the curative effect is very high, and it has cured many diseases that could not be cured by human beings a hundred years ago. He Linlang has eaten a lot of their medicine from childhood to adulthood, but Tu Jingyi gave him this, he is also the first time to see, the first time to drink, the effect is amazing. He is really uncomfortable these days, especially his stomach. He had a bad stomach when he was young, and he had diarrhea when he ate something wrong. When he was a child,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, he took medicine every time. When he grew up, he was a little tired, so he had to endure it, and nothing went wrong. This time, when he drank the medicine given by Tu Jingyi, he obviously felt much more comfortable, his stomach was warm, and his face was healthy. Thank you He Linlang said. He looked at Tu Jingyi and did not know how many times he sighed that the timing was not right. He was very early, long before he went up the mountain, he began to want to find a time to make an appointment with Tu Jingyi. Bring the most colorful and delicate roses, the most delicate and thoughtful gifts, with an unforgettable candlelight dinner, and strive for the opportunity of formal love with Tu Jingyi. Blind date is for the purpose of marriage, he and Tu Jingyi have known each other for two months, two people get along very well, Manual Flush Valve ,Time Delay Faucet, how to say should also try to go further, he is also extremely eager to go further with Tu Jingyi. Planning a confession is a must. Not to say that the confession must be carried out in the romance deliberately created, but he did not want Tu Jingyi to follow him in a muddle, he hoped that in their relationship, Tu Jingyi could feel his seriousness and intentions, but also hoped that he could enjoy the love from his heart. Besides, how can life not have a little mood, a little ceremony? He Linlang felt much more comfortable after drinking the medicine and no longer affected the shooting. In the evening, their scenes arrived as promised. He Linlang did safety protection on one side and looked enviously at Tu Jingyi, who was sitting in a chair drinking coke. Demon clan is really good, no matter what play does not need to drop the wire, unlike human beings, but also have to use these primitive means. Before climbing the tree, Lee Min-eun and the action director pulled them to talk about the play. There are four scenes in this scene. One is that Qi Yi and Xin freely hold the tree trunk and climb up one after the other. One is that after reaching the top, they ride on the branches in shock to watch the howling dogs below and smash the fruit under the tree in an attempt to drive away the dogs. The third is that the dogs wander under the tree. After they calm down, Qi Yi proposes to hold them together to keep warm because of the strong wind in the tree. The last shot is Tu Jingyi's expectant embrace and sleep, or a long shot. That means, they, want, hold, for a long time! Hee! You are a good child in the eyes of parents and a good student in the eyes of teachers. You have never done such a thing as climbing trees. So when you climb up later, you can't behave very skillfully. You have to look very embarrassed, and even have a tendency to fall down from time to time. "Li Minen said to Tu Jingyi," This may be a little difficult for you, but it is not impossible to overcome. " Tu Jingyi has been a good climber since childhood, which has become his instinct, but as an actor, it is a compulsory course to resist his instinct. He thought for a moment and said with a smile, "It's like a little pig climbing a tree." Lee Min-eun nodded: "You can try." Tu Jingyi said that the piglet was the pig demon of Tushan. When they were young, the piglets of Tushan loved to play together. Climbing trees was their daily life, but the piglets had short hands and fat bodies. They could not climb up, and their posture was very ugly. They were laughed at a lot. Tu Jingyi from the little demon power is deep, the prototype can become very big, then often put the piglets on his back, let them go directly to the tree to play. Said to try, several people around the trunk to see Tu Jingyi in a hurry to embrace the tree, the body wriggles like maggots, is unable to climb up, looks quite funny. Not bad Li Minen said. After Tu Jingyi went to the ground, the action guide came forward to make similar movements, more details than Tu Jingyi's climbing appearance just now. Tu Jingyi studied carefully and tried several times. Tu Jingyi was trying his own, and Li Minen told He Linlang what he should pay attention to. Qi Yi and Xin Freedom are different. After so many years as an investigative reporter, he was chased by dogs, climbed trees and so on. He climbed up in two or three times. His movements were agile and skilled, and even his posture was handsome. He still had time to laugh at Xin Freedom. He Linlang's previous plays also have the part of climbing trees. He can climb trees, and he has learned how to climb more neatly. After two simple passes, they can start shooting. To shoot Lee Min-eun's play, unless it is particularly difficult to grasp the action scenes, generally will not find a stand-in, let alone climbing trees,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, which in Lee Min-eun's view is a personal project. At the beginning, the two men were chased from a distance by five wolfhounds in the form of a dog demon. They ran all the way. Qi Yi pointed to a tree with one hand and shouted, "Climb the tree!" "I can't climb!" Said Xin with his eyes wide open. 。


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