Travel notes of time travel

"The chicken soup in the ward has been checked and poisoned with rat poison." Xu Xiaoli also put down the documents in her hand. "

"The chicken soup in the ward has been checked and poisoned with rat poison." Xu Xiaoli also put down the documents in her hand. "He entered the hospital through false documents, and then pretended to be a nurse, intending to attack Janet.". Unexpectedly, the action of making the bed made Janet suspicious, so Janet reminded the headmaster through Sister Ping, and after she hit Huang Zhihao with a vase, she pressed the emergency bell to signal her colleagues in the hospital to do things. This was supposed to be foolproof. Janet left the ward, and the guys did their work. Who knew that the man went crazy and pushed Janet down the stairs regardless. A Zhan also sighed, "This blow to ProfessorKing is not generally big." "No wonder, his child is not yet one month old, two people have not registered for marriage, his woman died in front of him." Wen Baizhu felt incomparable, "the most irritating thing is to let Huang Zhihao escape!" "I hope Kingsley can pull himself together soon." Lu Tianheng gave a wry smile, and now he did not know how to persuade him. Just then, his cell phone rang, "Kingsley?". " Seeing the house surrounded by the Flying Tigers and the police from the monitor, Huang Zhihao knew that he had fallen into the trap. That English letter is a trap,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, there is no English letter, it is only to find their own IP address and the existence of the letter. He reached out and touched the bandage on his head, and the marks of the vase were still painful. That woman is also very clever, was killed by himself can only blame her life is not good, chose Jing Bo that man, and his original rat poison weight is not light, if she drinks soup in two days will be all right,beam impact tubes, but who let her to help Jing Bo? Equipped with the things on his body, Huang Zhihao smiled, Jing Bo, I lost this round, but you are definitely not the final winner! The game is not over. The Flying Tigers stormed through the door only to find a bomb. As they retreated, the bomb exploded. After reorganizing the formation, Lu Tianheng found a member of the Flying Tigers who went straight to Jingbo. Take off the headgear all over the world! As soon as the officer of the Flying Tigers gave the order, everyone responded. There is no doubt that the enemy has been found. Jing Bo calmly looked at the man who was shot by the Flying Tigers but still came towards him. At the moment he opened the car door, Jing Bo took out the pistol he had been carrying and fired. Huang Zhihao did not understand why Jingbo had a pistol on his body until the moment he died. Kingsley!” Seeing the pistol in Jingbo's hand, Lu Tianheng could not speak. But Jing Bo wept at this time, "Janet, even if he dies, Precision steel tubes ,side impact door beams, you will not come back." The pistol in Jing Bo's hand is not an ordinary pistol, but an improved version of the tranquilizer gun. That's when he sent an email asking for Nolan's help, and Nolan had it delivered to him. The funeral was held as scheduled, and Jing Bo watched in silence as the guests laid flowers one by one, throwing them into the coffin, and then the earth would cover it all. And she will sleep in the ground and never see herself again. At the end of the funeral, Jing Bo was surprised to see Guo Yuren, a former colleague and friend. Looks like he came back from England to give Janet a ride. Yes, although the time they spent together was very short, Guo Yuren still liked her more than himself. Kingsley!” Guo Yuren took the initiative to greet the behavior of Jing Bo hate surprise, followed by Guo Yuren's left hook punch. Jing Bo, who was knocked down to the ground, looked up at the other side in a daze. Why are you still here? Janet was killed by you! Why didn't you die, but Janet? "? Guo Yuren grasped Jing Bo's skirt, "don't you regret it at all and don't you reflect on it at all?" "What shall I do?" Jing Bo smiled bitterly, "will you go down to accompany her?" "Your attitude is the most annoying!" Guo Yuren threw another right hook. Jing Bo still can only bear. Guo Yuren, who was pulled away, still shouted angrily at Jing Bo, "You have such an attitude towards me and Janet!"! How much has Janet done for you? What do you say? Can you live up to your conscience? "What do you think I can do?" Jing Bo, who stood up, reached out and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. "I promised her that even if she was gone, I would live well." That afternoon, holding a book in her hand, she asked herself with a smile, "Na Na, if I leave this world first, can you continue to live?"? Alive and well. It's a really strange question. It was her first reaction, and she was still smiling at herself waiting for the answer, so she said honestly, "I don't know.". Maybe I won't live. Maybe I will live well. "Then let's make a pact!" "What agreement?" "If I leave this world before you, you will have a good life." How could you say such an unlucky thing? I don't want this kind of agreement at all. "Because there are always many accidents in life." Are you a pessimist Jan e t? It's not like you at all. "It's just a hypothetical agreement. Although it's cruel for those who stay in this world, those who are left behind still have to live well and watch the changes of the world instead of another person." "I don't want to do that at all." "All right!"! It's a hypothetical agreement. If you leave this world first, I will try my best to continue to live in this world. The outstretched tail finger shook to himself, and he held out his hand. At the moment when the tail fingers were hooked, she said that she would hang herself with the hook and would not look back for a hundred years. Guo Yuren also calmed down. I'm also responsible for Agera, the unique treasure she left me. She could only go straight ahead, because that was what she expected. 47. Talking about love stories.. He threw his schoolbag on the ground and turned out his thick notebook. What's the weather like today? Press out the refill and write below-the weather is not very good, there is no sunshine, occasionally there are a few drops of rain,side impact beams, although small, but it is still very troublesome, it will wet the clothes. So are there any annoying things that interfere with your good mood.


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