Mermaid is very cute.

Obviously she didn't do anything. But why is it that the beautiful human beings they like don't seem to be able to accept themselves.

Obviously she didn't do anything. But why is it that the beautiful human beings they like don't seem to be able to accept themselves. She really wants to have a good relationship with him. But they don't want to. Qi Fuzhang seemed to be staring at the burning flame in front of him, but out of the corner of his eye he glanced at the stunned girl, and looked back at the fire along her line of sight, silent for a while, or opened his mouth, "." What do you want to give me? Lu moved his crystal clear blue pupil and turned to look at the young man. After a short pause, he suddenly reacted. He hummed twice with displeasure, but still whispered, "I have repaired your big ship." "The boat?" Qi Fuzhang raised his eyebrows. Is that the one he thinks? "Yes, didn't you sink before." Speaking of this, Lu was still a little guilty. His blue round eyes hung down and stared at the sand. "I asked the children to help you find it back. Some of the things on the boat were damaged by the sea water. We can mend them if we can, and if we can't, we can mend some of them on the bottom of the sea.." Well, it should be something unique? Got some for you. It's just that no one knows how to sail the boat, and it's difficult to get on the boat, so it's a little slow to do things, which leads to the fact that they don't see the shadow of the big boat at night. I thought I might be surprised when I saw the beautiful human. Qi Fu Zhangfeng eyes slightly pick,collapsible pallet box, looking at the eyes of the little mermaid suddenly with a trace of their own are not very clear complex emotions. After listening to these words, in fact, he had a lot to ask, but the first thing that came to mind was that he was leaving. What about this naive and stubborn little girl. On second thought, he thought with some self-mockery that people would not worry about him. Qi Fuzhang took back the idea, and in his heart he probably understood how the unusual storm had come. The men who were with me before. Did you put them ashore? He asked calmly. Qi Fuzhang did not blame the little mermaid, but now the situation is absolutely not clear. The bad thing is not the ship that may be damaged,ibc spill containment pallet, but whether the first rescued people will do something against him. You know, not all the people on that boat are of one mind with him. The boatman? Lu blinked, and then recalled, "I remember the little dolphin told me that it was sent to the nearest place here, with you." The shore of human activity. Do you need me to ask specifically for you? Lu spoke quickly and almost said the wrong thing, so he lowered his head more guiltily and dared not look at the young man's expression. Qi Fuzhang, who wrote down the whole map in his mind, already had a general understanding. He cleared up his train of thought and laughed when he saw the little mermaid who had shrunk himself into a ball and hid himself. "How can I eat you like this?" He doesn't seem to have said anything harsh, does he? And wasn't it this little girl who had been haunting him before, no matter what. Eat, eat? What to eat? Do you eat fish?! Lu Xinxia was startled and thought of some kind of possibility in an instant. So the little mermaid cautiously glanced up at the young man, hesitated for a moment, secondary containment pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, and whispered in a trembling voice, "Why did you eat me?"? I don't taste good. As she spoke, she thought she had moved her buttocks quietly and sat away from Qi Fuzhang with a small face. Qi Fuzhang:.. Although since having some kind of guess, his heart has been thinking to let this girl not to approach him, it is best not to meet again, have any fetters. But The other side is really far away from him, but let him suddenly have a kind of little thing trapped in the side of the impulse to stay obediently. He narrowed his eyes, which meant that the little mermaid, who began to laugh after looking at her, did not care about her in the end. After all, it's not good to scare people. The author has something to say: I sat high-speed railway for a long time, and I felt dizzy [fell to the ground]. Recognize The little mermaid accompanied Qi Fuzhang on the island and sat by the fire until midnight. When she was slowly blinking and sleepy, out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly caught a glimpse of half of her head coming out of the seaside. Lu slightly startled, raised his hand and rubbed his sleepy eyes, staring at the other side for a long time before he realized that the familiar face of the quiet probe was not her mermaid maid Bei'er! She was in a daze, and after reacting, she quickly looked sideways at Qi Fuzhang, who had already closed his eyes and rested, and was relieved to see that there seemed to be no movement. Lu looked at the half of his head and bit his lip hesitantly, then turned his head and looked at the young man who was sleeping peacefully. He dared not stay more, and after getting up secretly, he jumped back into the sea lightly. After the little mermaid left, Qi Fuzhang, who had always been sleeping lightly, slowly opened his phoenix eyes. He glanced at the soft sand that had been made into a shallow pit. Are you gone. The other side. Lu stared at Beier with some anger, his cheeks slightly bulging, and said angrily, "Why did you come here?"? What if humans see it?! She felt as if the beautiful human knew something, and if Belle was seen again, she would not even have a chance to explain! She didn't even have time to ask him if he had a queen! What if I'm scared away?! Belle shrank her head with a guilty conscience. "But the princess, the king, the queen and the princes have asked where you are twice in the evening. Now it's almost dawn, and the maidservant can only come to look for you.." Where did she have the courage to deceive the queen? The only thing she could do was to come out and find the princess herself before they realized that the princess had not returned home at night. Of course, with the permission of several princes. She didn't dare to go out of the mermaid kingdom in defiance of the ban on a mermaid. Father, mother and brothers? The little mermaid was stupefied, and then remembered that he had suddenly turned halfway to the mermaid's grandmother, and that he had not returned to the mermaid's palace for a long time. No wonder they're worried about themselves. Oh, let's go back. Lu blinks innocently. Belle sighed. "Yes,plastic pallet price, Your Highness." Anyway, it's good that the princess is willing to go back with her. The next day. Holding her breakfast, Belle raised her hand and knocked on the door of her princess's bedroom.


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