Legend of gold ingots

With a sneer in his heart, Jin yuanbao thought to himself, "Damn it, who is this young master? How can you be so cheap with this young master?"

With a sneer in his heart, Jin yuanbao thought to himself, "Damn it, who is this young master? How can you be so cheap with this young master?" He took a deep breath in his stomach and drove all the thoughts out of his head. His eyes were slightly closed, and he did not speak. ***! The old monk is in samadhi! How do you know he's in samadhi? Slightly, the gold ingot first looks at the nose, the nose looks at the heart, the heart connects the inner mind to walk all over the body, two hands can not be separated, but also does not exert force to let the ox tendon rope tie tightly, also does not know the pain and suffering. Gradually, he closed his eyes tightly. And, of course, infestation. The intrusion came from two women sitting on either side of him. But he breathed slightly, as if unaware of the intrusion of foreign objects! The two women's movements are crazy enough. But it still doesn't help. After a while, Ling Mei sighed, "Sister Yu, I don't think you should bother." The big woman was the third of the four younger sisters of Mount Li. "What do you mean?" She asked, drooling. "Let's try to tease him," said Ling Mei. "Look at him. He seems to be asleep when he closes his eyes." Sister Yu turned to look, and her face tightened. She patted Jin yuanbao on the face and said, "Hey, why are you sleeping?" Jin yuanbao opened his eyes and smiled, but he did not answer. He also laughed in his heart, because if the old monk was in samadhi, the fire of desire would not rise no matter what the woman said. A person who has no desire is a eunuch,die cast light housing, and no one can do anything to the eunuch! The gold ingot was very cold, and the two women were looking for bad luck. Sister Yu rubbed her breasts on the face of the gold ingot and said, "What do you think this is?" Jin yuanbao smiled and said, "Damn it!"! Like a sheep's tail! "Sister Ling frowned and said," Sister Yu, I think he's in bed with us. "Oh," said Sister Yu! He wants to give us a hard time. Jin yuanbao smiled and said, "I'm the flesh of your two swords. How dare I give you a hard time?" "Then why didn't you react at all?" Asked Sister Yu. "I'm just not used to being raped," said Jin yuanbao. Jade elder sister laughs: "Ha!"! Rape? Only men rape women in the world! "Damn it," said Jin yuanbao! Aren't you two raping me? Ling Mei said,Steel investment casting, "We are conducting a recruitment test." Gold ingot is indescribable: "Recruitment test?" Ling Mei nodded and said, "Yes, let's see if you're qualified to join us." Jin yuanbao asked, "What do you want to join?" Ling Mei said with a smile, "Of course it's the'male disciple 'of our fourth sister of Lishan." Jin yuanbao shook his head with a smile and said, "I'm not going to be a male disciple. If you two want to have fun, you'd better loosen up." Sister Yu is on fire. Somehow, her right hand flashed, and a good dagger was already in her hand. So she threatened, "Don't you want to be?"? OK! Only eunuch we don't want, jade elder sister I let you become eunuch to say again! She said, about to go under the knife. Jin yuanbao's reaction was not slow. He twisted his body and shouted, "Damn it, you can't!" "That's what you said," said Sister Yu. "All right, all right," said Jin yuanbao. "You're awesome. I'll let you two play with each other today." "What do you mean?" Asked Sister Yu. "Tell me to react," said Jin yuanbao. "Hurry up!" Cried Sister Yu. "Humph, die casting parts ,metal stamping parts," said Sister Ling! Don't brag! "If he's bragging," said Sister Yu coldly, "let's have a spiced stewed black today.." ***! Strange, then in the dialogue between the two of them, hey, Jin yuanbao's body reacted, and the passion came up! Like a balloon, immediately full of air, but also nodded, swaying, really fast! "Sister Yu was taken aback." Look, Sister Ling, "she said." It's very special. "Hurry up," said Sister Ling. "I'll get some spices." She left in a hurry. She hurried back, too. Jin yuanbao saw clearly that Ling Mei was holding oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, stewed soup, spices and so on in both hands, and quickly put them on the bedside table. Surprised, he said, "Damn it!"! You What is this? I'm hungry! "Feed it," said Sister Yu. Ling Mei said with a smile, "You can't eat it until it's cooked." Sure enough, she threw the spices on Jin yuanbao's body. "Damn it," Jin yuanbao exclaimed, "it's really meat!" The two women smiled at each other, and Ling Mei put the stewed soup on it. "You're killing me," said Jin yuanbao. Sister Yu patted the gold ingot and said, "Darling, don't be nervous. You'll know how beautiful it is in a moment." Ling Mei had already applied all the spices. "That's all right, ha.." she chuckled. Sister Yu doesn't open her mouth at this time. Her mouth was on the gold ingot, and of course she couldn't open it. Ling Mei quickly rubbed her chest on Jin yuanbao's face and asked with a smile, "Where are you from, little brother?" "On the other side of the mountain," said Jin yuanbao. "The Wuyi Mountains stretch for thousands of miles," said Sister Ling. "Where is the other side of the mountains?" "Behind Er Jiao Feng," said Jin yuanbao. There is no Erjiao Peak in Wuyi Mountain. He is alluding to the two women in front of him. Ling Mei chuckled and said, Oh! Little brother knows some humor! As a result, the two prostitutes worked harder. Jin yuanbao is relieved. He said in a low voice, "Why do you want to rub some oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and spices on me?"? You scared me. Ling Mei said, "Your men's bodies are so dirty and sweaty that they smell like sausages.." Giggle "But your bodies.." said Jin yuanbao. Ling Mei put her body close to the gold ingot and said, "Smell it. How fragrant we are!" "Damn it," said Jin yuanbao, "it's all meat!" The two women giggled and went even crazier. Sister Yu laughed so hard that she couldn't breathe. "Really, what's your name?" She asked. Jin yuanbao said helplessly, "My surname is Jin, and my name is the favorite thing in the world." Sister Yu understood and said with a smile, "So your name is Jin yuanbao." "Damn, you're so clever," said Jin yuanbao. Sister Yu smiled and pointed at herself. "My name is tuberose!" She said. Pointing to Ling Mei, who was very busy, she said,alloy die casting, "Her name is Xiao Ling." "That must not be your real name," said Jin yuanbao. "I've forgotten my real name since I joined the Fourth Sister of Mount Li," said Tuberose. 。 autoparts-dx.com


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