Episode 01 (Part 2)

"What then?" Disappointed, I said, "Maybe I can start with the Tianzhen Mansion and find some clues about the soul cultivator."

"What then?" Disappointed, I said, "Maybe I can start with the Tianzhen Mansion and find some clues about the soul cultivator." I suddenly remembered. Yao Feng nodded and said with a smile, "This is also a way. However, don't forget the Tai Tian Hao Luo Jing in your hand. This is also a road.". Depending on it, maybe one day you will be able to travel freely in the three realms. My eyes lit up. Yes, as long as you work hard, are you afraid that you won't have such a day? Sister, don't tease me. You'd better teach me how to destroy the magic first. In the following time, I followed Yao Feng on the platform to learn Tianjing Demon Extinction Formula. Tianjing Demon Extinction Formula is divided into seven kinds of magic formula, including defense and attack. Each kind of magic formula needs corresponding spiritual power to support. With my current cultivation, I can only exert the power of the first four kinds, and the latter three kinds can not be used. I can only talk about it after I further improve my cultivation. I tried my best to absorb the knowledge of cultivation taught by Yao Feng, from the specific methods of cultivation to some methods of refining utensils, as well as some taboos and characters in the realm of cultivation, I kept them in mind one by one, and compared them with the information transmitted by Liao Changsheng in my mind. On this day, when I woke up from meditation, I was surprised to find that Yao Feng on the opposite platform had lost her trace, but her faint body fragrance still remained in the air. I stood up slowly and sighed. I had to go after all. It's time for me to leave. I have no nostalgia here, perhaps I know the impermanence of the years. Gathering means separation, and separation also means the arrival of reunion. The next moment,Iron Nail Making Machine, my body floated up in the air and flew out of the stage. Between the turning points, it was fast and slow, advancing and retreating. I felt the magical power given by the true power of the spirit, dancing and flying in the air. Today, I finally achieved it. Although from the mouth of Yao Feng very clearly understand the ban in the cave house, but I still dare not be careless, the crystal chain has sunk in the soles of my feet, eighteen dazzling light around me,Nail machine supplier, soon, I came out of the cave. Looking at the white clouds floating at my feet, gathering and dispersing, watching the birds flying beside me, squeaking. For the first time, I felt the vastness of vision and the freedom between heaven and earth. Soon, I returned to Yancheng, where I had left. I first found a clothing store, bought a lot of clothes, shoes and hats, chose one of them to wear, and the rest were thrown into the crystal chain by me. For more than a decade, I have clearly felt the changes in the city, with towering buildings and busy roads, as far as the eye can see. Walking along the road, I heard the sound of sirens and all kinds of noises one after another. I smiled faintly, Nail Making Machine price ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and Lingtai turned into the sky. The noise in my ears became small in an instant, almost inaudible. Pow. There was a crash. I just felt my chest go soft and a body hit me. Excuse me, excuse me. A girl bent over and kept apologizing to me. It doesn't matter I smile, the sea of people is so crowded, collision, occasionally it is inevitable. Girls on the ground kept looking for their books and information, but the flow of people is too much, so that it is easy to pick up books, but also become extremely difficult. There was only one book left, a book with yellow leaves, which fell into the grass beside the road and was inadvertently kicked out by a passer-by. I picked up the book by pushing through the crowd with ease. I took a look at it. There were some strange patterns on the cover. Looking at these patterns, I suddenly felt a sense of deja vu. I went back to the original place and returned the book to the anxious girl. Thank you She finally raised her head, which had been lowered all the time. The scattered hair was in front of her forehead, and she gently reached out and hung the strand of hair behind her ear. My eyes lit up and I noticed for the first time that the girl was different. She has a typical face in the shape of a melon seed, a white and pink nose, and a pair of myopic glasses on her eyes. She is of medium height, but she does not look short because of the high-heeled shoes. She was wearing a black woman's jacket, a clean white shirt, a bright crystal necklace around her neck, and a short black skirt, which showed her white and plump thighs. It's just a simple task. You're welcome, Miss. I smiled. Thank you, sir. I have something to do. Goodbye. The girl looked at me, said, and left in a hurry. Chapter 16 according to the ghost The wall opposite the house suddenly became transparent, and two strange young men came out of a road of black smoke. When they first appeared, they were very small, as if they had come from a distance. As the distance drew closer, the figures of the two men became clearer and clearer. I didn't care, so I walked around the city and saw that it was getting dark, so I found a hotel and stayed there. Now I can be said to be more relaxed, in the room, I wear pajamas, sitting cross-legged on the bed, is leisurely watching TV. I just had a good bath and had a midnight snack. It's so comfortable! After watching TV for a while, it was boring, and it was all in those forms. I turned off the TV and the lights, sat cross-legged on the bed, and began to meditate. With my mobilization, the spirit in my body escaped from my body. My body began to float gradually, and the spirit in the surrounding space began to be absorbed by me slowly. My hands were constantly changing various postures, five fingers upward, and then the palms were handed over, forming a hollow in the middle. My divinity continued to extend outward, swimming to the sky, swimming to the earth, inexplicably, my heart moved, and the blood beads in my body reappeared in the form of balls. The next moment,Automatic Nail Making Machine, it rushed up his forehead and turned into a bloody eye, and a lot of flying swords and magic weapons kept rushing out of the bloody eye. I was shocked. If I let these magic weapons run around, it would be terrible. 3shardware.com


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