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I don't know who carved this white jade lotus in front of me, but it can be said to be a wonderful work. Between the gentle lines, the delicate mood of the lotus, which is in bud and ready to bloom, is vividly displayed on this hard snow-colored chalcedony.

I don't know who carved this white jade lotus in front of me, but it can be said to be a wonderful work. Between the gentle lines, the delicate mood of the lotus, which is in bud and ready to bloom, is vividly displayed on this hard snow-colored chalcedony. Had it not been for the glittering luster on the lotus petals, Xingyan would not have been able to see the difference between this white jade lotus flower and those real budding lotus flowers in the lake below. Seeing Xingyan playing with the white and lovely jade lotus, the little girl forgot the button in her hand and asked curiously: "Brother, when did you pick this lotus flower?" "Oh ~" Wake up and say that you want to tease this charming little girl: "It wasn't picked, it just flew by itself." So the little girl looked surprised: "Eh?"? Do lotus flowers fly like birds? After a pause and a little thought, he could not help wondering: It's strange that when my brother plays the flute at night, why don't these flowers fly over to play with me? Don't they like the sound of their brother's flute? "Ha ~" Seeing that the little girl was going to believe it, Xingyan could not help laughing and said seriously: My brother was teasing you just now. This is not a real lotus; it is carved out of jade. Look, is it the same as the real one? "Ah!"! How can this be made of stone? Brother, don't coax Joan. Perhaps this jade lotus carving is really too lifelike, little Qiong is now a little hesitant. Of course I didn't lie to you. Come and feel it yourself. With these words, Xingyan handed the jade lotus in his hand to Joan in front of him. However, when the little girl took the dragon palace jade lotus from his hand, there was a slight scattering between the two hands. One did not pay attention, but let the white jade lotus slip out of his hand and fall into the lotus lake under his body! "Ah!" Seeing Yulian get rid of it, Xingyan was taken aback. He quickly turned sideways and turned to look under the tree, so that he could see clearly where Yulian had fallen,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and later he could go into the water to salvage it. Just then, the teenager saw a magical scene: When the jade lotus flower presented by Lingyi fell in the air, it was somewhat floating, just like a real lotus flower, drifting towards the lake under the shade of willows. Strangely enough, after it touched the water, it did not sink like an ordinary jade,industrial racking systems, but floated steadily on the surface of the water, just like the real water-covered lotus! When Xingyan thought so in his heart, he found that the jade lotus seemed to confirm what he had thought in his heart, and that the original jade lotus petals were now slowly blooming. After a while, the jade lotus, which had slipped from the young man's hand, blossomed into a snow-colored lotus in the surprised eyes of the three people on the tree! This lotus, in full bloom for a moment, is floating safely on the silky lake under the shade of the willows, tranquil and delicate; but in the place of the lotus pistil and lotus heart, it seems to gather all the crystal moisture of the original jade lotus body, and is rippling with a bright luster, like a water mirror or a moonlight. And in this lotus heart? The empty and bright place of purity The young man in the tree seemed to see a figure in it, faintly, hazy, heavy duty metal racks ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, like a light smoke, like a dream. ;wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm The eleventh chapter ripples lotus heart, wash flowers in the water mirror. The lotus is divided into two flowers, and the flowers bloom together ― ― Guan Ping Chao When Xingyan bent over to look at the falling jade lotus, he was very surprised to see that the snow jade lotus bud, after falling leisurely and touching the water, had blossomed into a beautiful water lotus in a moment. Seeing such a strange thing, Xingyan hurriedly turned over and jumped down from the willow branch to the shore of the lake, kicked off his shoes, and waded into the water to look at the white jade lotus in full bloom. And Qiong and Kou Xueyi also stood on the shore behind the boy, watching him go to salvage the fallen lotus flower. Standing in front of this jade lotus, Xingyan found that in the heart of this blooming water lotus, a glittering and translucent mirror was accumulating, and the smoke was shining and shining. However, in this mirror of lotus pistils, what is reflected now is not the face of a young man, but the tender figure of a girl with long hair. And this young girl, though she was turning her back to Awakening Yan, who was bowing her head to look at her, her figure was already very familiar to the youth: This young girl in the lotus is the princess of Si Du in the Dragon Palace of Poyang, Ling Yi'er. Now, Lingyi, dressed in a fine snow-colored silk shirt, is sitting in front of the coral stone table, holding her cheeks in her hands and thinking about it; the black silk on her head, like a waterfall, falls down at will, looking extremely supple and peaceful. Look at Ling Yi son such a rare quiet mood, it is estimated that now this girl is thinking of it. After two or three months, when I saw Lingyi again, I suddenly felt that the little dragon girl in front of me was more cordial than ever before. Looking at her demure appearance, Xingyan could not help but show a smile on his face and thought: "I didn't know before that Lingyi was in a daze." "Maybe, maybe he's already asleep." And Lingyi is now sitting under this waist drum hollowed-out white jade stool, as well as the sea jade coral stone table in front of him, which is quite familiar to Xingyan: This should be the Lingyi boudoir I went to last time. It seems that the treasure of the Dragon Palace is so magical that it can send a scene thousands of miles away! "I don't know if Lingyi knows I'm looking at her. Maybe she's really asleep.." Just as the young man was thinking about it, he saw that the girl, who had been quietly motionless, seemed suddenly aware of something, and suddenly turned her face to face with the young man who was staring at her: At this moment, Xingyan clearly saw that the eyes of the people in the mirror were flashing with a ray of surprise, and then he stretched out his deeply locked face and smiled. This smile, which is not mixed with too many emotions, is reflected in the eyes of the teenager, but it makes him feel so natural and cordial. At this time, it seems that Lingyi is no longer the unreachable princess of the Dragon Palace. For Xingyan, the lotus heart girl in front of him,wire mesh decking, like a long-lost old friend, is showing a smile from the heart to himself. Seeing Lingyi's clever smile, Xingyan naturally responded with a smile. Can this lotus transmit sound? 。 jracking.com

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