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Verse 1114 Chapter 1101 Drunken Life He originally thought that after two times of drunken happiness, Zheng Jie would be more or less reluctant to leave and would retain himself.

She came out of the hospital and walked slowly for about ten minutes to a drink shop where she had made an appointment with He Jingyi. She ordered a cup of blueberry tea. Not long after that, He Jingyi pushed the door and walked straight to the table. He did not sit down and looked down at her: "Do you have your ID card?" "Yes." She answered at once, though she was at a loss. Then let's go. He Jingyi beckoned the waiter to come over and motioned to pay the bill. Gan Lu handed over the money before her. "Where are you going?" "Airport, the flight to W city leaves in an hour. We have to hurry." W city is the capital of a neighboring province, Gan Lu inexplicable: "I am sorry, I do not intend to go there with you, what is the matter, you tell me here." "Will you believe what I say?" He Jingyi smiled coldly. Since you have to come to me, it's your business to say or not, and it's my business to believe or not. The two of them looked at each other. After a pause, He Jingyi pulled down the corners of her mouth. "Do you know where Xiuwen is now?" "In J city." I can tell you clearly that he is in W city now. You don't look stupid. Now you decide for yourself. Either come with me at once and see the truth together, or stay here and drink your fruit tea and guard your little paradise. She tilted her head and the sarcasm deepened. "But I have to say, it's a fool's paradise." Chapter 27 (II) He Jingyi's tone was rude, but Gan Lu could not get angry. Of course, she knew that the best way to return the favor was to ignore it, but she could not be indifferent. After a pause,4 person jacuzzi, she stood up quietly with her bag: "Let's go." The red Maserati was parked outside the drink shop. Without waiting for Gan Lu to sit down, He Jingyi started the car. At the same time, he giggled and looked straight ahead: "Fasten your seat belt, Mrs. Shang. I promise, this will be a wonderful journey." Gan Lu did not pay attention to her, only called the teaching director to continue to ask for half-day leave,whirlpool hot tub, saying that she had a cold and fever and needed rest. After all, there was no official start of school, and she had always had an excellent attendance record. The teaching director readily approved it and told her to pay attention to her health. He Jingyi drove all the way very fast, and soon arrived at the airport, where her subordinates were already waiting. She took their ID cards and immediately sent them to change their boarding passes to the provincial capital of the neighboring province to enter the security check. Both of them carried only one handbag and boarded the plane smoothly. Sitting in the business class, Gan Lu felt that she must be a little crazy, she actually followed He Jingyi on the same plane, flying to a journey with an unclear purpose, just because of a few words from the other side. What will your husband think of your behavior? If it turns out that He Jingyi is just making trouble out of nothing, how will you face him? When she thought about it, she could not help feeling sad. But there's no turning back. There is no point to escape, jacuzzi bath spa ,outdoor hot tub, to see, no matter what, after the face, it is no big deal. She said to herself. She had no intention of talking to He Jingyi, and He Jingyi kept silent. Not long after the plane took off, she felt a heat in her nose, and liquid slowly flowed out. She hurriedly opened her bag and took out a tissue to wipe it. She saw a little red on the tissue, and it was a nosebleed. The first time this happened to her on a plane, she was so surprised that she had to raise her head and plug her nostrils. He Jingyi glanced at her and called the flight attendant according to the light. At the same time, he reached out to catch a piece of paper she had brought out when she opened her bag. He was waiting to hand it back to her, but his hand was fixed and his eyes fell firmly on it. The flight attendant came over, quickly took the ice towel and handed it to Gan Lu, telling her to lower her head forward and apply it to her nose. Sure enough, her treatment was appropriate, and the nosebleed quickly stopped. Gan Lu stood up and found that the piece of paper he Jingyi was holding in her hand was the examination document she had just done in the hospital. She quickly took it back and put it in her bag. Gan Lu came back from the bathroom and drank the hot milk sent by the flight attendant. He Jingyi kept looking at the LCD screen hanging in front of her. When her voice opened, Gan Lu was surprised. Early pregnancy, 40 days, just checked today. Xiuwen should not know yet. It has nothing to do with you. ” "Are you going to have the baby?" Gan Lu was a little annoyed and said stiffly, "I'm sorry. What are I going to do with Xiuwen? It has nothing to do with you." He Jingyi turned around and looked at her with a pair of wonderful eyes. For a long time, she showed an unfathomable smile: "You just made a family plan and welcomed a child. You must think your happiness is very complete." Gan Lu was deeply disgusted with the tone of the other side referring to the child in her womb. She took a breath and tried to keep her voice calm. "It still has nothing to do with you.". If you could accept the fact that Xiuwen's life has nothing to do with you earlier, we would all be better off. He Jingyi sneered, "Mrs. Shang, if something hadn't happened.." Irretrievable things, do you think Xiuwen's life will have your share? If some of the things you said hadn't happened, we wouldn't have had the chance to have this boring conversation face to face. Why make such a ridiculous assumption? When something happens, it just happens. You want to tell me that you don't care what those things are, do you? If you can be so detached, there's no need to go with me today. Yes, I am not completely detached, but I always advocate that we live in the present, Miss He. Xiuwen only told me that he and you are no longer possible, which is enough for me. "No more possibilities, hehe." He Jingyi slowly repeated these four words, issued a short sneer, "he is right, we really no longer possible.". I'm just surprised that you think it's a good choice to be a man. Miss He, you are really rude. I could have ignored you,China spa factory, but now that I'm on this plane, I'd like to ask, how long have you not seen Xiuwen before you come back this time? "We haven't seen each other for nearly seven years." He Jingyi pondered for a moment and looked melancholy. 。

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