Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

Chen Shixing laughed and said, "There are only pine branches in this room. Where are the red candles? Now it's the cold winter months. Where are the flowers?" "Who said no?" Said Yunhu?

As soon as his voice fell, a ferocious tiger roar suddenly appeared in the space, and then the earth was shaking, mixed with the sharp sound of breaking the air when the sword crossed the air. Brush. I picked up the long ghost sword and looked carefully at the misty place of the white fog, but my whole body was trembling uncontrollably-fighting with Mao Tongzhen just now, although I was not attacked by Yang poison, but the master of this level of Maoshan elder, but I can not deal with it at will, Mao Tongzhen was chopped down by me and sat down, but I did not feel good, and my mood was relieved. I felt pain in every bone and muscle of my body. I seem to be like a car with all its parts out of order, which is in danger of falling apart at the slightest movement. At this moment, not to mention the spirit of the white tiger array, I am afraid that a three-year-old baby can put me down. I took a few breaths and found that the mysterious sea of Qi in the lower Dantian stopped the output of heat flow. Fortunately, there was still some heat in the meridians everywhere, and then slowly pushed the movement of Qi to prevent me from falling to the ground. At this moment, a ferocious white tiger suddenly revealed its ferocious head from the white fog, which was fierce and inexplicable. I was scared out of my wits. When I was about to pick up the ghost sword, I saw the red light behind me. A more ferocious blood tiger appeared. The white fog around me dispersed some. I saw that the white tiger in front of me, most of its body, had been swallowed up by the blood tiger. On the back of the bloody tiger, there was a shaggy path waving a sword. Seeing me leaning on my sword, my face was flushed. Two meters ahead, Mao Tongzhen sat down and shouted, "Are you all right?"? I waved my hand and said it didn't matter. When I finished, the misty mist around me suddenly stopped. I looked up, but I saw a little golden light hanging over my head. After a while, the proud fat insect landed, burped happily, and then got into my body. I felt a shock all over my body, and a warm force was transmitted in my body. This was a fat worm, which was repairing my body full of holes. Shaomao Xiaodao rushed to the front sitting on the blood tiger, turned over the back of the tiger, stretched out his left hand, and the blood tiger turned into a red line and got into it. Mao Tongzhen, wounded all over, looked confusedly at me and Shaomao Xiaodao standing in front of him, muttering to himself, saying how could this happen, how could this happen? I've been practicing all my life. How could I be defeated by two yellow-mouthed children? With a sneer,Surveyors tape measure, I felt a surge of blood. After several breaths, I said to the old man with disheveled hair, "You have been practicing all your life, but in the end, you still don't understand what the Tao is. This is the reason for your failure and the root cause of your stagnation. It is also the problem that all the instruments, exercises and panaceas can't solve." Mao Tongzhen raised his head, his eyes confused, and then asked, "What is Tao?" Smiling, I faced the old Taoist priest, who had been practicing Taoism all his life, and said in a loud voice: "The Tao is invisible, silent and odorless. It is big but without outside, small but without inside. It is the vacuum, the nature, the spirit, the elixir, the golden elixir, the Buddha nature, the process, Diameter tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, the origin, the law, and the law. It is the justice of this world, the original mind of the operation of heaven and earth, and the basis for the progress of all things.. Ask yourself, have you not transgressed the Tao? After listening to my generous words, Mao Tongzhen closed his eyes and pondered for a long time. Later, he actually shed tears from the corner of his eyes, sighed a long sigh, and the beard on his lips trembled. He said in a sad voice, "It's a pity that I have been obsessed with it for more than 20 years, but I was still woken up by a child. It's sad, sad.". All right, the winner and the loser, I don't need to say much, since I lost in your hands, I have nothing to say. Come on, give me a good time! He stretched his neck forward, closed his eyes, and died generously. I turned to look at Shaomao Xiaodao, and he looked at me, as if he wanted to ask for my advice. I shook my head and let him handle it. Shaomao Xiaodao took a deep breath and said sincerely, "Martial Uncle Mao, Keming used to be in Maoshan. Although he didn't have much contact with you, he always admired your cultivation and character, so he always treated you with courtesy and never despised you.". However, Martial Uncle, because of the death of Huang Pengfei, you have repeatedly done something cruel. I don't know what promises Yang Zhixiu has made to you, but you should know that "practice is your own business". Buddhists say that "one thought becomes a Buddha, one thought becomes a demon". If your mood is not improved, what is the use of giving you more benefits? As for the death of Huang Pengfei, he definitely killed him first. Whether you believe it or not, we don't care. Go back to Maoshan by yourself. If there is a next time, don't blame your nephew for being cruel! Mao Tongzhen opened his eyes in surprise, stared at Shaomao Xiaodao, and asked in disbelief, "You.." You didn't kill me? Shaomao Xiaodao smiled, the wind was light and the clouds were light. Instead of looking at the old man who was no longer in the limelight, he looked at the distant mountains, the clouds and the sky above. His eyes became deep and vast. He said softly, "Uncle Mao, this is our way. It's called forgiveness!" At that moment, Mao Tongzhen's eyes, which were already dark to the extreme, suddenly burst into a large tent of light. He kept saying, "There is a way called forgiveness; there is a way called forgiveness.." These eight words are common, but when he reads them in his mouth, they are particularly sweet and fragrant. We no longer pay attention to this former enemy, Shaomao Xiaodao came over and supported me, while I picked up the ghost sword, staggered over, supported the little demon, and said with a smile: "Come on, I'll send you to see Duoduo." The little fox smiled at the corners of her mouth. "Forget it, I'd better follow you.". Otherwise, maybe after three years, Duoduo won't see her brother Lu Zuo. As soon as I felt warm in my heart, I took her hand and walked to the lake. However, at that moment, behind me suddenly came Mao Tongzhen's frightened cry: "Be careful!" t-xt-small, say God. Don Chapter 700 into the water, revenge. As soon as Mao Tongzhen's voice fell,tape measure clip, the warning sign in my heart rose. My eyelids jumped and I turned around, but I saw a bunch of black lines spreading from the end of the sky. Suddenly, I approached the front of Shaomao Trail.

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