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Chen Shixing laughed and said, "There are only pine branches in this room. Where are the red candles? Now it's the cold winter months. Where are the flowers?" "Who said no?" Said Yunhu?

Maybe it can be taken out after decades. No matter what you bite off more than you can chew, everything should be done step by step, step by step. Only when scientists have a thorough grasp of themselves can they bring out a better generation of scientists. As for plant nutrient solutions and herbicides, these are chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are afraid of flooding in the future. He doesn't want to eat every mouthful of food with pesticides in the future. That kind of feeling is very bad. In the future, we should store more green and pollution-free grain in the space, and take out forty or fifty catties every time we rest, which is enough for us to eat. And prepare some green vegetables and pickles. Take these things out, mainly for yourself. Under the instructions of the chief, many people went to the display screen to apply for a job, but only one male Comrade in his thirties passed the application and became an employee of the supermarket, a commentator. Under the arrangement of Shen Qinghe, three old people, Zhang Shufen, Chen yuan, and Zeng Tai, also participated in the application. All of them were recruited. The old lady Zhang Shufen was also a commentator, and the other two were all order maintainers. Just after applying for the job, they also got the romantic treatment of Shen Qing and before, and the scene of each person being congratulated was different. Then he went to the exchange office and got the same staff wristwatch as Shen Qinghe. A smart wristwatch, information release and communication between five people all depend on the wristwatch. As for wages, they are not Chinese currency,Horse weight lbs, but space-time currency, which can be used in supermarkets for daily necessities, rice, flour and oil, as well as goods they can afford. After selecting the pictures, Shen Qinghe and the other four could have a dormitory. In full view of the public, he clicked to confirm. After a while, on the side of the supermarket where there was no building,Pi tape measure, white light flashed. Soon, a silver-white three-story building appeared in front of them. It was firmly located next to the supermarket, with two houses with three bedrooms and two living rooms on each floor. It is also the first time that the chief has seen such a magical scene, and it is rare that he is no longer calm. Xiao Shen, is that it? Shen Qinghe also had a wry smile on his face and was frightened. He said helplessly, "Chief, I was also frightened. I thought it would not appear out of thin air like yesterday. Now it seems that it really appeared out of thin air. I don't understand." "Yes, what kind of ability is it?" The chief has a lot to worry about, but he can't speak out in front of people. Can only be temporarily buried in the heart, back to Yanjing to say, too scary. Another function of the wristwatch appears, the key to the house. Three old people chose to live on the first floor, Shen Qinghe chose the third floor, and the new Comrade Chang Laishun chose the second floor. There is an empty house on the second and third floors, and climbing the stairs is not a problem. In the evening, Walking tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, with the help of the PLA comrades, Shen Qinghe and the old people all moved to the new dormitory. The dinner was sent by Sun Zhishu. When the chief finished his meal, he asked the secretary to write down what he had eaten. I have to stay for another day tomorrow, and I still have to check out when I leave. Two or three hours after dinner, the bathroom of the supermarket was very busy, and the common people came to take a bath with wooden basins and took a hard bath. It's so comfortable that I want to sleep. Keep pouring on their own body, as well as the fragrant bath shampoo liquid, after washing the body slippery. Many comrades followed several of their employees and slept in the new dormitory. The cave where they live is also empty, and it is estimated that people will live in it in the future. For the first time, Shen Qinghe felt that he had returned to modern times and had a good sleep. It's just that the chief can't sleep all night, and everything in front of him is amazing. He believed that even all foreign countries did not have the ability to do everything in front of them. Get up early, another beautiful day. From today on, Shen Qinghe will not have to go to work in the production team. We should devote ourselves to the work of the supermarket. The other four also need to learn what should be learned on the wristwatch so that they can do a good job in the future. In order to give people skilled explanation, maintenance order, but also to explain, simple problems also need to be explained. Chapter 39 the different sixties and seventies (11). "Comrade Shen, why can the products planted in Baiyangji be purchased, but not in other places? What's going on?" "Well, maybe it has something to do with the change of the Aries set?" "What do you mean?" What was the Aries collection like before? I don't know, but since I jumped the queue, Aries Fair has given me the feeling that it is barren, with yellow sand and dust flying all over the sky, yellow sand on the trees, and no water. It takes several hours to get water back and forth, but in the first half of this year, a well that Aries had previously raised funds to dig suddenly came out. You know, this dry well has not produced a drop of water for many years from digging to laying green bricks. No one has any hope for that dry well. Dry well water suddenly, or clear with a trace of sweet well water, even if we are strange, can not find the reason, so stranded to find. With well water, everyone's life and planting seem to be getting better. If you look up at the ridge around Aries, look at the surrounding environment, there are green grass everywhere, as well as tall and lush trees or short but still vibrant trees. There are many species around, which are not deliberately planted or sown by us. They are all, how to say, probably brought about by environmental changes. But how the environment has changed, we do not understand, even Mr. Chen yuan and Mrs. Zhang Shufen did not understand everything that appeared inexplicably. All this is magical for us. Chief listening to Shen Qinghe said everything, remember in the heart, it seems that the time and space supermarket appeared in the remote Aries market is not without reason, must be sensed that there are products that can be purchased here, people set up the supermarket here. Otherwise, a fool would not do such a foolish thing. A magical supermarket is not located in a city, but in a very remote mountain village. Someone found an excuse for Shen Qinghe. Shen Qinghe's family background and everything before it were all turned upside down. Fortunately, the family is clean, the ancestors are poor for several generations,horse weight tape, and the parents and the original body are honest people. Otherwise, there is something wrong. Yanjing brought a lot of items that could be exchanged/purchased, and exchanged a lot of time and space coins. tapemeasure.net

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