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If you can get in touch with Xiaolong, Chu Song must ask that guy if there is any change in the plane this time. Otherwise, how could the big devil who was dead set on the heroine Ye Linglong have cooled down before he and Ye Linglong had burned.

If you can get in touch with Xiaolong, Chu Song must ask that guy if there is any change in the plane this time. Otherwise, how could the big devil who was dead set on the heroine Ye Linglong have cooled down before he and Ye Linglong had burned. The scariest thing is that this guy actually said he had a crush on her. She seriously suspected that the big devil had been taken away. But it is not so easy to give up, especially when the object is the big devil. Even if she is really taken away, the first thing she should do is to kill her, the closest follower of the big devil, so as not to be found out. The man in front of her did the opposite, not only did he not want to kill her, but also tried to seduce her with a beautiful man. Is it difficult to think that she is the weakest around the big devil, so you want to subdue her first? This is indeed the way of wise people. Do you remember when I was ten years old, I went to the Dharma Valley in the Demon World with Zunshang? Flowers are also blooming in Dhora Valley, but the flowers in the demon world are strong and strange, not as beautiful as the flowers outside. "The little song is wrong." Recalling the past with the song of Chu, Gong Jiu smiled and tenderly filled his eyes. "It was when you were nine years old. At that time, you were almost swallowed by a man-eating flower. It was the Buddha who saved you and carried you out of the Dharma Valley. The flowers in the Dharma Valley were not flowers, but some magic barriers. At the beginning,stainless steel welded pipe, you had popularized the knowledge of the Dhorma Valley for the Buddha." "I made a mistake." Chu song laughed, "I only remember that the black jujubes outside the Dhora Valley are very delicious, and I don't remember exactly which year I went there." "It's not black jujube." Gong Jiu reached out his hand and knocked gently on Chu Ge's forehead. "It's black fruit. You don't like it. After eating it, you vomited for three days and three nights. You can't even eat anything else." What a little fool, but it doesn't matter if she doesn't remember, he will help her remember. In this life, he will spoil her for a lifetime. He would never do that unforgivable thing to her again. Chu song although the face is smiling,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, but the heart is not cold. This person actually will host and the big devil experienced things are clearly remembered, this person is not difficult in the big devil when he was a child to take away the big devil? This plane is supposed to be synchronized with the host's memory. Why did this happen? Or is there something wrong with her fused host memory? Chu song has a lot of thoughts in her heart, but she still smiles on her face. She glanced at the big devil, "I thought you liked Miss Ye." "I don't like her." "In the past, no matter how many Xiuxian women were trapped in the magic barrier, you would not rescue them.". But you are very special to Miss Ye. Not only did you save her, but you were also afraid that she would hate your status as a demon. So you dressed up as an ordinary immortal and ran to the square city one after another, bringing all kinds of precious elixirs from the Demon Palace to Miss Ye. Seeing the big devil's stunned eyes, Chu Ge sighed, "I think you really like Miss Ye, but you haven't realized it yet." Gong Jiu really regretted that it was too late for him to enter the plane. His mother had done so many stupid things and left such a big bad impression in front of his own song. It's like a black history of his. Of course, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, he couldn't explain to Chu Ge that all those stupid things were done by his brain in a previous life. But he would never admit that he liked Ye Linglong. I don't like her. Gong Jiu said with a serious face, "saving her is just a whim, Xiaoge, if you don't like it, I will never do this kind of thing again." Chu song felt that talking to this guy really had a feeling of casting pearls before swine, "Zun Shang can heal the wounded and rescue the dying is in the accumulation of merit, I will only be happy.". I just feel that Zunshang is extraordinary to Miss Ye. Zunshang may not have found it in the Bureau, but I can see it clearly as a bystander. Chu song's words have not finished, Gong Jiu suddenly reached out to embrace Chu song in his arms, he bowed his head and kissed Chu song's lips. Gong Jiu's palm held the back of Chu's head, while his other hand held Chu's waist. Chu song is struggling, she is a person without the slightest repair, simply can not resist the attack of the big devil. The kiss, like a thunderstorm, did not give Chu any time to react. Gong Jiu's tongue is like a sword clip wrapped in a fierce momentum raging in the mouth of Chu song. It was like a tornado that had been brewing for a long time and was swept away everywhere it went. But this momentum weakened after a moment, and his gentleness drowned his ferocity, like gurgling water scattered in the mouth of Chu Song. Chu Song, who was almost dizzy under the devastation just now, seemed to be moistened by the sweet rain, and began to cooperate with him without knowing it. For a long time, when Chu Song suddenly woke up from this tender feeling and wanted to bite the big devil's tongue, the big devil let go of her lips. He kissed her on the forehead. "Song, I only like you." After a pause, he sighed in a low voice, "Song, I won't save those irrelevant people next time. Don't be angry. I will only please you in the future." He held Chu's face in both hands, thinking of the kiss that had just given him endless aftertaste, he wanted to continue to kiss again, but the next moment Chu's hand twisted his face. Before the big devil was surprised and angry, Chu Song retreated to keep himself away from the big devil three steps. She looked at the big devil with an expressionless face, a serious and solemn face. But her lips were bitten by the big devil, swollen and red, even if it was serious, there was not much momentum. A little song? Gong Jiu was surprised. "What's wrong?" The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. Chapter 81 Demon, your pants fell off. No clothes let her eat naked, Ma Dan this rascal can do it, she can't do it! If the eyes could kill people, Chu Song would have crushed this guy countless times. I washed the clothes. Gong Jiu hurriedly said,304 stainless steel wire, "You must be sweating after a day's journey today. I'll wash your clothes for you." "I want to get dressed." "The clothes are not dry yet." Gong Jiu is slightly entangled, "basking in the sun." It's good to disinfect in the sun. 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