Emperor Qianlong

The Lu family has no worries, so where should he go next? Conquer the four directions, build not the world hegemony? He doesn't have much motivation.

There have been several letters sent to and from the court about the mildew of the cowhide tent in the Qinghai Hall supplied by the Gansu Fanku. The Ministry of War said that this tent was newly made only two years ago. When it was purchased from Hulunbuir, the Ministry of War sent someone to inspect it. It was all made of new strong cowhide. It was not credible that the stock was mildewed when it was sent to the camp in less than two years. It suspected that the officers of the Qinghai camp had falsely reported the damage. Yin Jishan sent yuan Mei to verify, Lanzhou warehouse said "undamaged", with the stamp signature of the receiving barracks as evidence. The officer of the barracks asked Yin Jishan to go to the barracks for inspection, but it was really mildewed. Thousands of miles away, the three parties each insisted on their own arguments, and their parents-in-law quarreled with each other. The governor of Shaanxi and Gansu, Le Erjin, almost detained yuan Mei in Lanzhou to "set the record straight and comfort the morale of the troops.". Poor yuan Mei, a scholar, a world-famous genius, offended Qiu Ba Ye of Gansu and Shaanxi in Qinghai in order to eliminate the war in Xi'an, provoked the officialdom of Gansu and Shaanxi for the cowhide tent, and angered the local gentry for setting up a righteous granary to reclaim wasteland, which made him besieged on all sides. Thanks to Yin Jishan, he was transferred back to Zhejiang to be the prefect of Qiantang, but Wang Chengwang, the current governor of Zhejiang, was the former governor of Gansu. He was all in one place. When he came,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, he did not receive him, did not put a sign, and did not give him a "standby". He lightly said, "How are you hanging up?!" yuan Mei hugged Nanshan in a fit of pique. There are so many mistakes here that Ji Yun is not as clear as Huai here, but Ji Yun is very clear about the dangers of this: regardless of Le'erjin being Le Min's uncle, he is not only a hero, but also a tough general who fought in the West Sea with the 14th uncle of Qianlong. That is to say,Quillaja Saponin, Wang Chengwang was repeatedly commended as a "capable minister" for his meritorious service in collecting grain and gathering wealth in Gansu Province. The day before Qianlong went to Haining, he issued a special order to reward his octogenarian mother with four mink skins, two large satins, and a clay and gold plaque with the imperial inscription "Ren Rui Guo Xiang". Knowing that there are many strange secrets, even Yin Jishan can't cope with the difficulties, let alone a Han member himself? He repeatedly hesitated and felt that he had no clue. It was better not to say anything than to say something wrong. Just as he was thinking about it, Hong Zhou said, "I hope the emperor will pay attention to this man.". When you go to Haining, I will accompany you on the back boat. Plum blossoms are in full bloom on both sides of the canal, as well as Chinese roses and oleanders. Go ashore to look for common people to inquire stealthily: It is not a season, how did the flower open? Is it auspicious? -No. It was moved from the greenhouse of Yangzhou in the south of the Yangtze River with silver, and the basin was broken and planted now-sincere, filial, loyal and respectful to welcome the old Buddha with a false flavor. My younger brother was disgusted when he saw his smiling face. "He suddenly stopped and said with a smiling face, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Thyroid Powder Factory," My younger brother has made a slip of the tongue again. Your Majesty will forgive him! " "Tell me!"! Although you are unruly, I would like to hear your truth. "Who has come to sin against you for these things?" Asked Qianlong with a smile. "To put it nicely," said Hong Zhou with a smile, "he's exaggerating. To put it crudely, it's a character who licks his ass. "This kind of person is always a tumbler as long as he is not greedy." "I thought you had some good ideas," said Qianlong. "So that's all! I saw some people in front of the late emperor in the mansion, and it was disgusting. Only when King's Landing ascended the pole did he realize that human nature tends to be the same on the top, and that some of the internal roots are not correct and the external Taoism is even more abominable than this exposed. Since they all tend to flatter each other, they cannot be judged solely by their'faces'. To say that he is good, there must be solid evidence; to say that he is not good, there must be solid evidence -- I have seen a'horse face ', you see his mouth curled, staring, sad face, he is actually smiling; you see his smile, that is crying! He said and laughed. Hong Zhou slanted his face to think about it and said indifferently, "I don't have any solid evidence. I just look at this man who is not authentic. Isn't it reasonable that those who talk about everything will be arrogant?"? I believe and Yin yuanchang, just go a little more than a year, look to old ten years, is also evidence. yuan Chang said he wanted a cowhide tent, so he had to do it quickly. It was really strange. Gansu and Shaanxi suffered from drought every year, and they were so dry that not a blade of grass grew. How could the cowhide tent be moldy and the grain be moldy? What he said was plain and light, but when Qianlong heard this, he felt a shock in his heart, as if he had been reminded of a very important matter. As he thought hard, he said, "Not only the cowhide tent, but also the peanuts and walnuts should be listed separately by the Ministry of War as military supplies. It has become a common practice.". Since the radish can be shipped up, it can be purchased from the mainland. The treatment of the garrison stationed in Ngari on the Tibetan border of Qinghai, as well as the food and military pay of the Wuliyasutai and Tianshan camps, went down to Yin Jishan and Laowu to discuss a statement, which I granted to the Ministry of War for approval-the sergeant had no food to eat, and those arid places could not grow vegetables, which was not a trivial matter.. As he spoke, he had a flash of inspiration and thought he had a clue. Suddenly he turned to Ji Yun and said, "I've left the provincial weather reports over the years in Beijing. I'll write to Ah Gui and transcribe a copy and send it back in six hundred miles." Hong Zhou and Yin Jishan were listening attentively to his instructions in front of him, feeling that Qianlong was deeply benevolent and considerate of the soldiers in front of him. Suddenly, they heard a sharp turn in the topic. They were all stunned when they talked to Ji Yun about the eight irrelevant topics of "rain and sunshine". Yue Zhongqi had been bowing his head to think about how to persuade Qianlong to be alert to the tricks of Alsina, and he suddenly raised his head. Only Ji Yun was alert and aware. In a twinkling of an eye, he knew that Qianlong was suspicious of Le'erjin and Wang Chengwang. But such "sagacity and profundity" could not be guessed. He pretended to be in a daze. After a while, he said, "I obey the decree.. However, Shengjia is about to return. The barometer of the past is not to be folded tightly. I'm afraid it's already on file. It may not be able to get together for a while! Why did the emperor suddenly think of such a thing? "It was Laowu who reminded me." There was a trace of ferocity in Qianlong's smile,Thyroid Powder Factory, but his tone was still very calm and auspicious: "I want to see the drought and flood in Gansu and Shaanxi in the past few years. It's a drought, and the cowhide and grain shouldn't be so moldy. If it's a flood, I remember that it seems that it's because the drought has been reported several times to be exempted from taxes and relief.." 。 pioneer-biotech.com


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