The Knife of the Beast "Tanbi Man Beast"

The Lu family has no worries, so where should he go next? Conquer the four directions, build not the world hegemony? He doesn't have much motivation.

Who would go all the way to another tribe to fight? Unless you encounter the legendary ghost tribe. There are some so-called "ghost tribes". There are almost no sub-animals in these tribes, and most of the women are stolen by them. They do not produce, have no fixed abode, wander around and bypass the strong. The big tribes, who specialize in keeping an eye on the vulnerable small tribes, make a living by robbing all the year round. Huayi is thoughtful-here. But not far from his employer's tribe, look at the direction of the messenger's flight, perhaps these small tribes happen to be under the protection of the employer. With a nudge on Chang'an's shoulder, Hua Yi stood up and said, "It's none of our business. Let's go." Chang'an took one look at the empty welcoming room and asked, "Don't you rest your feet?" Hua Yi said casually, "Take a break. It's so lively outside. How can you sleep?"? Aren't you afraid that someone's head will fly into the window and wake you up? Chang'an "Oh", obviously nothing touched. Hua Yi immediately remembered his unique skill of falling asleep with his hands at any time and anywhere, and he had a toothache. All right, he almost forgot, this is no matter what. He can sleep. Neither of them walked slowly, and they walked forward as if they were on the road in the night. In the depths of a strange forest, even an old hunter can only judge a general direction, unless it is local. Otherwise, it is impossible to be exactly the same. So although Huayi had the heart to bypass the other side, he still accidentally brushed the battle field. It is not appropriate to say that it is a battle field-the war seems to be over. Huayi's ears moved, and in the wind came the shrill cries and shouts of people,Blue Bottle Serum, and even the tender voices of children cried until they were hoarse. But apart from the fact that it happened in the wrong season, wars like this are nothing new in the North. Each tribe occupies a certain territory and enjoys the birds, animals, plants and food around it. The barren place is hungry and cold, and the rich place is full of food and drink, so it is not as weak as this tribe. The truth of taking up a good place. Either wash your neck and wait for someone to wipe it, or get out of here before it's too late. As for the fate of the defeated side, it depends on the mood of the victors. If they are merciful,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, they will leave the aborigines to join their own tribes. Even if they are not merciful, they will kill all the prisoners of war. There's nothing wrong with that. However, no matter whether they are merciful or not, the leaders and elders of the defeated side should not be left behind and uprooted, and their young sons should be roasted on the fire, leaving their bodies to be sacrificed. The souls of the warriors who died in battle. What's more, it was obviously a sneak attack by a ghost tribe, which had come to rob maliciously. It was better to expect them to be kind than to expect the blessing of the gods who had fallen into a river pit and drowned. Huayi listened to the child's sharp and hysterical screams, knowing that it was the sound of being roasted alive, but his footsteps did not stop at all, and his face was almost calm. Cold-he did not know when to start, he became such a person. Chang'an, who had been quietly following him, was the first time he had encountered such a scene. He stopped several times and saw Hua Yi's deaf appearance, so he had to continue to catch up. Just then, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, the boy suddenly asked, "Zhe Yan said that you were still very young at that time. You were alone on the road. Why did you save him with your own food and give him a deer?" At first, Huayi thought Chang'an was hinting at something, or accusing something, but until he saw the young man's expression, he found that he might really be simply expressing doubts. Put it in front of him The prickly Bush was pushed aside, silent for a moment, and then he shook his head and sighed with great exaggeration, but his voice was very light. Hua Yi said to Chang'an with a sad expression, "You see, a person like me, who can't speak and has a bad brain, can only beat a deer." At that time, it was a matter of raising one's hand, and helping was helping. “…… Oh He talked nonsense casually, Changan also did not pursue, just nodded, a brief answer, people can not see what the young heart is thinking in the end. Huayi felt that he had been stabbed by his "oh". He stopped talking and concentrated on walking, but he couldn't help asking himself that if he was 14 or 15 years old, he couldn't help hugging a child with a dirty face. When he went to the river to wash his face, would he really have a hot brain and rush to snatch the child who was burning on the fire and run away? But he couldn't remember. After many years, he could not remember what kind of person he was at that time. At that moment, suddenly, a woman jumped out in front of them. Perhaps she is too young, can only be said to be a girl, she has no clothes to cover the body, naked/exposed skin above all kinds of. Scars, black braids scattered, hair tips stained with a lot of blood, was stuck into a large piece of confusion, her footsteps tripped, fell directly under the feet of Huayi. Huayi instinctively stepped back, and then an orcish beast jumped out of the woods, intending to pounce on the woman, but he saw Huayi's footsteps. He paused for a moment, wondering whether the man who suddenly appeared was an enemy or a friend. Huayi stopped quietly and confronted the beast. The woman at his feet stretched out a hand covered with blood and grasped the corner of his clothes imploringly. Her hands are very beautiful, the skin is very tender, in addition to the new wound, can not see any old cocoon, certainly usually is a non-working, good-looking, or even can be said to be beautiful, torn skirt. There was intricate and delicate lace on it, and it took the most skillful woman months to weave such intricate lace. Look at this. If she was not a tribal leader, she was an elder. Daughter of the family. Hua Yi looked at her with pity-the nobles of these tribes, who usually enjoy the best things and the pursuit of others, will come out to take the blame for the whole clan at this time. Actually, it's fair. The beast cracked its mouth,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, showed ugly and bloody teeth, and looked at Huayi with a ferocious facial expression, putting on a threatening look.


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