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Original Title: Popular Science of Equipment-Types and Working Principles of Pile Drivers (Hot Spots) Good evening, everyone. Recently, there was a piece of news saying that the Shenzhen subway tunnel was pierced by a pile driver, and the train crashed into the broken pile head and was ser

Jiang Shouyan is right. In doing so, Shirou is really like a woman in love, so blind, brave, regardless of the rampage. But she is absolutely not stupid, if she knew that the person she loved deeply framed or used her, with her character is likely to tear the face of the lose-lose, must not be so quietly eat the dumb loss. Xu Youyou's idea is that the murderer, let's call him A, A killed someone and framed B, the person Shi Rou liked, but this scene was seen by Shi Rou. Perhaps she was not sure that it was a frame or she did not see the frame at all, but before the police arrived, she heard the comments of the students outside, and found that B's bag was hiding clothes and hats that could be convicted, so she was afraid. Perhaps she thought that the murderer was this B,warehouse rack manufacturer, out of a little woman's idea of loving her lover, she tried to get those clothes from B's bag, she did not know that the police would come so soon to search her, or she knew, but she was confident that she had a complete alibi, even if she found it,heavy duty warehouse rack, she could tell the police that someone had framed her, which of course she did not want to face. Because this means that B's suspicion has not been removed. Coincidentally, among the police officers in charge of the case, she found Xu Youyou. No matter what method she used, she had Xu Youyou's phone number in her hand, which was a heaven-sent opportunity for her, so she took advantage of it as a matter of course. As she expected, things were transferred to the outside without being noticed, even if the police suspected that there was no way to take her, the lover was safe, she was safe. That's a good plan. Xu Youyou thought bitterly. Xu Youyou did not tell anyone about her discovery, although she was pessimistic that perhaps everyone had thought of it. There are some questions she hasn't figured out yet. It's not who A and B are. She just wants to know now that A is random. Inadvertently framing B? It seems absurd to prepare unnecessary things to kill people at the scene, Warehouse storage racks ,Drive in racking system, but throw the most important evidence to one person. It's like wearing a suit and leather shoes to attend the wedding of your best friend, but giving the red envelope containing the gift money to the old man who is responsible for cleaning the toilet. It's desperate self-abandonment. Or there are such people, depending on who the wedding is, if it's an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, it's possible to be ridiculous. But that's not the same, Xu Youyou thought calmly. How can killing and lovelorn be the same? This method is too unsafe. Framing others should at least ensure their own safety. Before the police investigate everyone's alibi, unless the murderer has a fixed target, he can't put things in disorder at will. If the person he framed happens to have an alibi, isn't that all his previous efforts wasted? If it's not random? So the killer was trying to frame B? Doesn't make any sense. Xu Youyou shook his head and thought, with only a dress and a hat, there is no way to convict. Unless Unless this hat and dress are B's! There may be dander on the clothes, hair in the hat.. Incorrect. Xu Youyou immediately overturned his idea. She scratched her hair with chagrin. Such evidence doesn't mean anything. It's also possible that the murderer used his own clothes but put them into B's body tissue. If that's the case, the police have DNA. You will also find that it actually contains two people. A will make up a lame lie. Tell them that B is actually trying to frame him. God! How can it be so complicated? Xu Youyou knew that he could not judge anything. Now she just wants to know who Liang Qingwu has offended? And who is closer to him. If her reasoning is correct, then B must have hurt A as much as Liang Qingwu in one thing, or to a lesser extent, so Liang Qingwu died, but B was only framed. I don't know whether B's luck is too good or A's luck is too bad, but Shi Rou makes the case even more complicated and confusing. Professor Li Zilin is very tall. Liang Qingwu is 1.7 meters tall, but she looks half a head taller than her daughter. Professor Li walked to the living room with the help of the nanny. Her temples were graying and her eyes were red and swollen. I don't know what to tell you. Professor Li stretched out his hand and motioned Xu Youyou to sit down. "I never thought there would be such a thing." Xu Youyou was speechless. Xiang Qinglang said, "take it easy.". We will catch the murderer as soon as possible, so that.. Xiang Qinglang may not be suitable to say this kind of scene, he stopped. Professor Li was greatly moved. She probably felt that Xiang Qinglang was more real and made her feel more understood, so she nodded gratefully to Xiang Qinglang, "Thank you." "I heard that Liang Qingwu's relationship with you is not like mother and daughter, but more like a friend." Xiang Qinglang asked. Yes Professor Li's eyes are red again. Xu Youyou quickly handed over the tissue, Professor Li took it, nodded and said, "Xiaowu's father died very early, so many years I have been living with her.". I don't like to suppress the child's nature, so I seldom scold her when she does something wrong, and I always reason with her until she finds out her fault. Xiaowu also likes this very much. After she went to college, she told me that many girls envied her for having a mother like me. Professor Li lowered his head and wiped his tears. "Will she tell you anything?" Xu Youyou waited before continuing to ask. Yeah, tell me anything. Xiang Qinglang does not believe that parents are parents after all, no matter how nice they say, when they should be parents, they will certainly put on airs. He thinks Liang Qingwu will have reservations, "including her love?" Professor Li was stunned,radio shuttle racking, "including her." Love "Does she have a boy she likes?" "Yes.". I know she likes that Qu Lingfei. Professor Li said calmly. The news surprised both Xiang Qinglang and Xu Youyou. These two days busy investigating the death of Liang Qingwu, almost forgot the district Lingfei, can it be said that these two cases really have a relationship? "Who else knows that she likes Qu Lingfei?" Xu Youyou immediately asked. I don't know. But I don't think many people will know that Xiaowu is not a person who likes publicity. "Does Ou Lingfei himself know?" 。


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