Easiest way to cancel Aeromexico flights.

Since Aeromexico's cancellation policy is designed to give customers a wealth of benefits, you can now save yourself the inconvenience of cancelling your scheduled travel.

If a traveller cancels an Aeromexico Airlines trip a few hours before to takeoff and the flight was booked no more than a week in advance, the airline will require the passenger to pay a penalty that will entirely depend on the Aeromexico Airlines' fare policy.



As per the Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation Policy, if travelers have a flight reservation with Aeromexico Airlines that they want to cancel for some reason but have kept the ticket. Retractions for Aeromexico Airlines can be made via phone or online.

Aeromexico Airlines offers the option to easily cancel a flight online. Additionally, customers can submit a refund request online at the Aeromexico Airlines website by filling out the appropriate form. Only qualified Aeromexico Airlines flight tickets that are cancelled within the valid window of time are eligible for a refund. After the ticket's validity term has passed, Aeromexico Airlines does not offer a refund. Refund requests for Aeromexico Airlines may take some time to process but are usually approved within 7 to 10 business days. Aeromexico Airlines offers compensation to the customers to book the following Aeromexico Airlines trip in the event that one of its flights must be cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances.



In addition to offering a full discount for something very similar, Aeromexico also allows you to cancel your airline tickets within 24 hours of your purchase. The airline doesn't charge for the cost of its cancelled flights either. Travelers will be responsible for paying the carrier's scratch-off fees if they change their plans after Aeromexico 24 hour cancellation grace period has expired. These fees vary depending on the date and time of the change, the type of ticket (refundable, non-refundable, grant tickets, etc.), and other factors.


  • First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class cancellation fees on all short-haul domestic and international flights are no longer charged by Aeromexico.
  • If your plans change, you can ask Aeromexico to cancel and keep the value of your first purchase. However, if your new travel is more pricey, you will be accountable for the expense difference.
  • Aeromexico's "flight cancellation" requirements will apply to any flights that are booked through aeromexico.com, its contact centres, or airport kiosks.
  • Both restricted and unlimited rates are subject to Aeromexico's cancellation policy.
  • Within 710 business days of the flight's cancellation, Aeromexico will issue reimbursements using the same payment method.
  • Aeromexico may cancel flights on Basic or Value rates due to inclement weather or governmental travel restrictions. Affected passengers may request a refund of their tickets.



  • You may easily cancel your vacation online in just a few simple steps.
  • A six-character confirmation is necessary for Aeroméxico to cancel a flight. Look it up in the confirmation email you received when you made your Aeroméxico airline reservation if you don't know who your travel charterer is.
  • On the "Manage booking" page, enter your data finder and the passenger's last name.
  • The "Change or cancel trip" instructions are located next to the flight schedule.
  • Select the flight or passenger segment that you want to cancel.
  • Click the "Confirm my cancellation" link to ask Aeromexico to cancel your reservation.



  • Call the free phone number for customer service at Aeromexico.
  • Select the communication style that best meets your needs.
  • An agent will be there to help you in 2 to 5 minutes.
  • To prove your identification, enter your username, ticket number, arrival city, and other details.
  • Select the trip you want to cancel, then ask the appropriate agent to do so on your behalf.
  • Explain the cancellation's cause.
  • If there is a fee for flight cancellations on Aeromexico, select a payment option.
  • When the cancellation is complete, the airline will send a confirmation email to the registered email address and telephone number you provided.
  • The cancellation policy of Aeromexico determines the amount of the return.

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