RuneScape is one of the grandfathers of the MMORPG genre

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Melvor Idle strips away the 3D-based environments and graphics of RuneScape and similar MMOs and reduces it to a menu-based idle game that lets players control their skills, inventory and Cheap RS Gold. Combat encounters are fought with a winning streak earns players XP as well as loot which can later be used to purchase any upgrade tree players choose, while repeating actions like crafting or cutting wood yields benefits.

Malcolm has played RuneScape since his youth, and has also dabbled in the top idle games like Clicker Heroes, Cookie Clicker and NGU Idle. Although he liked them but felt that the genre had the potential to do something more rewarding in the same way to Jagex's flagship RPG.

"So I decided to challenge myself to design my own game, not even imagining that it would even be released, much less become the kind of game that is so popular," he tells "I was looking to create something completely different from the existing idle game mold which was feature-rich, and gave players some real options in how they wanted to move forward, rather than just increase the number of players on a daily basis.

After thinking about it for bit in a closed room I began combining ideas and mechanics from classic MMOs with the popular idle game formula, creating something that could be played at leisure, in the car and fit in the busy life of a player."

He goes on to say: "While the numbers and stats don't make up the majority of players like about MMOs It is the one that gamers who are hardcore tend to gravitate towards after the exploration is done. As it's often so central to what the most long-term players' attention is it's logical to incorporate this into a core part of Melvor's game's design. Additionally, it is compatible with design elements found in most idle games."

He also drew inspiration from other MMOs However, the structure is the main focus of RuneScape was one he studied particularly closely, building out this world Melvor Idle, a world that is a parallel one with the 20 years old RPG. "RuneScape became a crucial basis for the game as it was such a foundational game for me," his explanation."

Like many, I started playing RuneScape due to the fact that a majority of my friends was playing the game. Its being an online-based game was an important factor in this, and the very low entry barrier with RuneScape's scalar depth and complexity are what kept me playing it for a long time -- something that I've always wanted to replicate using Melvor Idle."

With Malcolm being transparent about his ideas and his inspiration, word soon spread around Jagex that fans were developing a game based on the company's own MMO. An employee flagged the issue to management, and head of the product department Chris Pfeiffer telling us his team was impressed by "how much had been achieved and how closely it was in line closely with RuneScape 3 Gold."

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