A Sunny, Spring Village Hall Wedding

It happened in the bride's local village hall, a location with a lot of sentimental value and something where she'd developed hoping to become married.


Retail assistant Hannah and agricultural engineer Liam said their I Do's on 20th May 2018 in North Yorkshire.

"I bought my dress from FeelTimes. I kept thinking it had been perfect but I didn't think it might suit me but was persuaded to test it on. It covered my shoulders also it was just so different."

"I love 70s style vintage wedding dresses also it just fitted that description perfectly. It was flattering around my waist and all sorts of the little pieces (around the shoulders and belt), I could pick to suit my very own personality as Bex was which makes it for me. The bonus was that the kaftan came off so I was built with a different look ready for my evening reception without needing to get changed!"

"I had no other accessories because the dress was enough with it using a high neckline and me having my hair down, I felt you don't need to complicate things. Simple is beautiful!"

"Liam and I met as I have been friends with Liam's younger brother since I was 12, so I'd always known Liam as Carl's older brother. We then met again on my small 19th birthday on the night out, and also the day after Liam sent me a message."

"My favorite part from the day was split up into pieces. My dad walked me on the aisle to my buddy singing; the very fact my grandmother could make it to the marriage during a period of very ill health, and dancing until my feet hurt to the amazing band." Go

"The best benefit though would be my mum and dad's house to consider photos because it was the only real time I was alone with Liam the entire day."

"I also loved as soon as during our first dance when everyone joined in. Just right at the end, Liam and I were built with a moment which SJ was able to capture on camera. It's a very beautiful moment in the middle of a crazy day where I was both centered on each other, albeit only for any moment. It's a minute I treasure."

"The decor for that day was all produced by my amazing mum and included 80 meters of bunting! The wedding cake seemed to be a very family affair. My mum made the fruit cake during my grandmother's cake tins and my other aunty iced it beautifully for all of us. I drew her a design and she or he made it ten times more beautiful than I ever could have imagined."

"Our first dance ended up being to First Date by Blink 182. Liam chose this because he felt the lyrics reflected the way we felt and that we also wanted something upbeat and nontraditional so others could share within the dance around."

Words Of Wedded Wisdom

"My advice to the future brides would be to test and enjoy your entire day. For two individuals who don't overly love the interest, we currently regret not only stepping back and taking everything in."

Article produced at: https://www.feeltimes.co.uk/

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