How to download and use Trezor Suite on a mobile device?

Trezor Suite hoy mismo para una gestión completa de criptomonedas. Con una seguridad sólida y una interfaz intuitiva, se sincroniza fácilmente con las billeteras de hardware Trezor para una experiencia de usuario fluida.

How to download and use Trezor Suite on a mobile device? 

If you have recently purchased a Trezor Suite hardware device, then you need to take a few actions to make the most out of your Trezor device. First of all, you need to understand the fact that Trezor is a hardware wallet which means you need to access all of its functions and services through an external interface. In this case, this interface is the Trezor Suite. Hence, in this article, we are going to guide you about what Trezor Suite does and how to download Trezor Suite on a mobile device, Android or iOS.

What is the role of the Trezor suite? 

If you are wondering why must you download the Trezor suite on your device, then this section of the article is here to clarify all your queries. Well, this is a software interface that allows you to operate and manage everything that happens with your Trezor wallet device. This is the only recommended and official way to access Trezor device features. Currently, Trezor Suite is only available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows operating systems. Not just desktops, this software interface can be easily downloaded on Android and iOS devices as well. As soon as you download Trezor Suite on your device, you can start to buy, sell, or exchange crypto assets right away.

Steps to download Trezor Suite on Android and iOS 

If you wish to use Trezor Suite on your mobile device, you can also download the Trezor Suite Lite app on your smartphone. Whether you own an iOS device or an Android mobile, the steps to download the Trezor Suite app are similar.

  1. Navigate to from your device
  2. When you are on the main screen of the platform, select the "Download" drop-down
  3. Now, scroll up to the "Mobile" section
  4. Choose among "Android" or "Mac" options
  5. When the app information page opens, select the "Get" or "Install" option
  6. In a few moments, the app will be available on your device

Operations you can perform with Trezor Suite 

Now that you have downloaded Trezor Suite on your device, you can certainly use it with your hardware wallet. As soon as you connect the two platforms, you can take the following actions from the Trezor Suite:

  • Create and set up your wallet as a new user
  • Recover your wallet as and when needed
  • Create a backup of your Trezor device
  • Set a PIN for encrypting your wallet
  • Get access to your Secret backup phrase


Through this post, we have learned how one can download Trezor Suite on his mobile device. After downloading this official software, you can choose certainly connect it to your hardware wallet. The process of connecting the two is pretty easy. All you need to do is plug in your Trezor hardware device to your PC or mobile on which you have installed Trezor Suite and then choose "Connect Trezor." Following this, just follow a few easy prompts to end the process. 

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