Downloading of Trezor Bridge and token transfer manual

Trezor Bridge, fundamental en la conexión segura entre tu billetera Trezor y tu computadora, garantiza un acceso fluido a la interfaz de usuario, brindándote tranquilidad mientras administras tus criptomonedas.

Downloading of Trezor Bridge and token transfer manual 

Developers of Trezor surprised their users through the launch of the Trezor Bridge application. The use of this application is to fill the gap between offline Trezor hardware wallet to the internet. This is the sole reason for the launch of the application, but don’t underestimate its power. So, through our blog, we will give you a path on the download of bridge application with additional factors as well.

How to get the Trezor Bridge?

Once you’ve learned about the Trezor Bridge, you need to learn the procedural steps to follow for the installation of the bridge application. This section will provide you with the accurate steps of the download, unlike any other website. Thus, let’s initiate the bridge download:

  1. First, click Start your browser.
  2. Next, go to the search area type the Trezor Bridge, and press the search button.
  3. The very first option of the result page, is most likely to be the official installation link.
  4. Click on the said link.
  5. Press the Download button.
  6. Next, follow the instructions as shown on the screen to end the installation procedure here. 

Thus, through these easy and straightforward five steps, we have successfully finished the Bridge application downloading and you can begin to use it. However, just ensure that you are on the official website and not any imposter website of Trezor.

Checking the working of the Bridge

After the download and installation of the Trezor Bridge, if you need to check whether the application is working precisely or not read this section. In the content of this blog section, we will define the process you can execute to check upon its working. Though the process might differ from device to device, we will try to cover all the important devices:

  • For Windows users, go to the task manager and search ‘Trezord’.
  • As for the MacOS device users, navigate to the Activity Monitor and there look for the ‘Trezord’.
  • At last, as a Linux user, click open your System monitor and try to find the ‘Trezord Go’.

Steps to use ERC-20 tokens through Trezor

Next, we have a guide on how to use the token through the wallet hardware device. Many traders do not know about it as the steps to operate this wallet are highly different than the others. Therefore, to help our first time users of the Trezor bridge and its hardware wallet, we will shed some light on the topic for you:

  1. Click start the Trezor Suite application installed on your laptop or mobile.
  2. Go to the My Accounts panel on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select Ethereum.
  4. Press the Receive tab.
  5. Tap Show the full address button.
  6. Review and check if the displayed address on the suite application matches your Trezor hardware wallet.
  7. Now, copy the receiver address and make use of it to transfer the ERC-20 tokens. 
  8. After initiating the token transfer, navigate towards the Tokens menu. 
  9. But if you do not find the name of your token on the presented list, you can add it manually. And for this, just press the Add token button. 

The bottom Line!

The people using the updated version of the Trezor Suite application need not install a separate Trezor Bridge application. Also, even if the application is not up to date, you can just simply update it to the latest version or install the bridge. Another point to remember is that the bridge application is only for laptop or computer devices and not mobile phones.

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