Runecrafting is a f2p (free play) expertise in RuneScape

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I'm muddled along. I've learned how to cut down trees, create fires OSRS Gold, cook/eat food to recuperate health, etc. I've worked out a few of the things however I don't know how to make use of spells though maybe I'm not high enough to qualify for them. (Level 17)

I've completed an "Shadow Over Arsdale" quest and have gotten close to the big monster that will kill you instantly whenever you come across it. I've read the walkthrough and am aware that I have to get some sort weapon that can be used from a distance, but I forgot that I'm out of archers - and I'm struggling to remember how to travel place-to-place to get to the Grand Exchange. I'm sort of 'based' out of Taverly Do you know where there where I can get archers?

I'm thinking I should take it all over again however it would be unnecessary to lose the level and money I have If I can get back to learning how to play without having to start from scratch. Would someone be able to direct me to an introduction to the game? I'd like to know where to buy arrows to finish this quest?

Disassembling Augmented Refined Anima the Core Legs in level 10 are the most economical way to acquire reliable cywir and Illujankan (maybe shadow, too) components. The cheapest option is relative, but it still costs 16m for 4 components.

But, it is a bit inefficient to simply disassemble it at the point of the level of 10. This is basically destroying the very best piece of the t85 degrade-todust power armor, which is at most 95% of the charge for degrade left unused. One thing to keep in mind is that enhancing the Body armor in t85 will cost significantly higher, with an increase of over 6m at the time of writing OSRS Accounts. This means it might not be the best option to upgrade the body too. It is possible to add an additional body armor.


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