Windows in the roof

Roof windows - modern, stylish and beautiful

The need for ventilation and sufficient sunlight in the under-roof room raises the question of installing a window in the roof. Currently, experts distinguish two main groups of such structures - auditory (located vertically) and attic (installed with a slope). In turn, both of these options are subdivided into several types. For example, hearing windows can have a configuration with a flat or gable roof, segment-shaped, "bat", triangular, and so on. Depending on the specifics, there are certain nuances in installation.

Experts from West Virginia roofing experts will explain the details.

Stages of installation of windows in the roof

The best option is to consider the arrangement of window openings at the stage of the general construction of the roof. In this case, it is possible to initially think through the project to take into account the loads and other aspects. Entrusting the design work and subsequent installation to a specialized roofing company, you can avoid inaccuracies and negative consequences.

However, what if you need to install windows in the mansard roof of an old house? In this case, again, it is necessary to thoroughly approach the issue of project development, without violating the integrity of the roof structure. Mistakes can lead not only to trouble in the form of condensation, leaks or deterioration of thermal insulation, but also to a serious imbalance in the distribution of loads, and therefore - and the potential collapse of the roof! However, involving the services of professionals of the company SKK "Dynasty" in Kharkov, you are guaranteed to save yourself from such troubles. On the site you will find a catalog of skylights, which contains the best options for window systems from proven global and domestic manufacturers.

So, what stages involves modern construction, when it comes to the arrangement of window openings in new roof structures? Let's consider the main ones, taking as an example the installation of a hearing window in the gable:

- The place for the future window is determined, leaving an opening in the roof at least 120 cm wide.

- Two cross strips are installed.

- A plastic, wooden or aluminum window is ordered.

- A standard installation is performed, as if it were an ordinary apartment.

However, a much more complex process is implied if it is planned to equip the window with a canopy and side walls - the so-called "cuckoo". However, experienced professionals will not be difficult to deal with this task - the main thing is to strictly follow the building codes and other standards.

As for the dormer windows, the installation technology will be as follows:

- The place of installation of the window structure between the rafters is determined.

- The box is assembled and fastened.

- The window is inserted into the box.

- Installation of additional elements, including waterproofing and metal apron.

If we talk about tapping the window into the existing roof, then it will have to perform some preparatory work in place of the opening: disassembly of part of the roof and cut the "pie", including layers of waterproofing and vapor barrier and insulation. Once again we remind you that calculations will be extremely important!

What are the advantages of windows in the roof?

In addition to the fact that window openings are purely aesthetic and functional in nature (allow fresh air and light into the room), they also have a number of other important advantages. Here are some of them:

- A wide range of configurations. Ability to realize a wide range of design solutions.

- High durability and practicality.

- Savings on electricity, especially in the summer season.

In addition, in the market nowadays you can find a wide variety of variations of double-glazed windows, including mirrored, tinted, anti-vandal and many others. A pleasing appearance in both the interior and exterior of your home is guaranteed.

One way or another, modern construction of roofs and attic floors involves an extremely careful attention to detail, careful design, strict adherence to norms and standards. If you do not want to worry about the result and regret in the future about the money spent, it is worth contacting professionals. The recognized leader is the roofing company "Synayroofing", which has 20 years of experience, a staff of trained employees and the necessary arsenal of tools and equipment.