Action combat is fun and quick-paced

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Action combat is fun and quick-paced. Active taunts/blocks/dodges are good but the skills don't have cooldowns which makes it a lot of WOW Classic TBC Gold fun. Some classes will apply the same skill thirteen times.

The company doesn't take into account the time you spend as a participant like FFXIV does. For instance, unless you're a premium subscriber (same price the same as ff) You'll be spending just as much time managing your inventory and bank as you do actually playing the game. Every new dungeon has to be bought (unless you're a premium member) and in addition, they include annual expansions that offer a minuscule amount of information... As in, I'm talking about new raids, and 1 new zone worth of tales for $30.

TBF Final Fantasy can only be sub-subscribed to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold. If you get the ESO sub, everything will be just fine. It's half the cost of FF expansions. Additionally, they release twice as often , which means it's pretty competitive.