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AICommerce expert-development and time-tested processes create your re-marketing campaign and tailor campaigns specific to your business goals with the help of advanced AI tools. AICommerce comprehensive approach means that they offer multiple areas of overlapping expertise, boosting effic

If you have an eCommerce website, you’re probably familiar with retargeting and re-marketing. For example, you want to buy a new pair of sneakers. You start doing research by comparing brands, styles, and prices, and finally, land on the shoes that meet your expectations but didn’t buy for whatever reasons it may be. 

You see over a few days that your online browsing is interrupted by ads for the sneakers you almost bought. Coincidence? Not. These ads remind you to complete your purchase until you eventually take the deal. 

Using AI tools, AICommerce read the mail opening frequency, updated the mail format and data, and then resent the mail. This article will tell you how AICommerce helps you retarget and re-market for rapid growth and boost eCommerce sales.

Automatic Re-marketing With AI tools

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AIPROG AI – Best AI Tools to Help boost E-Commerce Sales Now

Artificial intelligence utilizes comprehensive data from all over your site, such as traffic, shopping cart visits, time spent on the website, and more, to effectively target our re-marketing efforts toward the right audience and serve as the driving force in your campaign. It leads to in-depth, data-driven results – the key to creating a dynamic re-marketing campaign that supports your business’s long-term success and growth. 

Customer Behavior

A collective view of customer data is valuable for analyzing customer behavior. The better you understand your customer segmentation, the more quickly you’ll be able to optimize your operations to focus on your most profitable customer segments to increase your ROI. 

AICommerce analyzes your customer’s interests, in which products or product categories they are interested. Which kinds of products do they save on their Wishlist to buy later? And what type of products do they invest their time in scrolling? 

Are your customers watching products online and shopping for them from a physical store? Does your potential customer’s shop when there is any discount on the products?

Analyzing customer behavior is the most efficient path to increase and boost eCommerce sales.

Buying Frequency

AI tools analyze a customer’s buying frequency, like their time of buying a product, Do they place an order for a product, when they get any discount, coupons, or vouchers, and what gender your customers are? And what categories of products do your customers buy frequently? 


Analyzing a customer’s gender tells you much about their interests and potential buying behavior. AICommerce advanced technologies collect all the customer’s data and report their shopping frequency according to gender. We look at the online shopping habits of each gender and assess how this behavior will drive growth in mobile commerce sales of your business. Compared to men, women are more interested in shopping and buy every category of products more frequently. Focusing on the women’s category can help in increasing e-commerce sales rapidly.


It tracks customers’ locations from where they place an order for their Wishlist products. By knowing a customer’s desired location to place an order, we can provide them discounts on shipping costs, making them place an order without thinking much about the price. For example, if every customer has two shopping addresses, one is home and the second is an office, and if they place orders mostly from their home location, we will give them a discount on their shipping address.

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