Elden Ring Player Beats One from the Game's Hardest Bosses Without Rolling

An Elden Ring player seems to defeat among the game's most difficult bosses not just at level one, but without needing a dodge roll

An Elden Ring Items player seems to defeat among the game's most difficult bosses not just at level one, but without needing a dodge roll.

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An Elden Ring player has shared a recording of these taking on among the game's most difficult bosses, Maliketh, at level one and without using dodge-rolling. The difficulty of bosses within FromSoftware's games, whether or not they be Dark Souls or else, established fact. It's perhaps unsurprising then that dedicated Elden Ring players, once mastering these fights, have imposed additional restrictions on themselves to create those battles even more complicated.

The Maliketh fight in Elden Ring is easily among the game's most difficult battles. Not only is it late hanging around, when Elden Ring's difficulty spikes the greatest, but Maliketh is uniquely challenging. The Black Blade is deceptively quick, has oddly-timed attacks that may surprise veterans, and is able to cover distance rapidly. That Maliketh also does quite a lot of damage with a few attacks could be assumed, as can it being a lengthy two-phase boss fight.

It's likely to be difficult to outperform the accomplishments of CaregiverAgitated534 about the Maliketh fight. The Elden Ring player recently shared a relevant video of a stunningly executed performance. Not only did they battle Maliketh at level one, meaning they had no bonus stats and would die in one hit, but they also restrict themselves further. They don't allow themselves to dodge roll the whole fight.

In order to win the fight without needing a dodge roll and without taking just one hit, CaregiverAgitated534 needs to play perfectly. They have to know all of Maliketh's moves for both of their phases. They have to understand how to react to those attacks by moving out of risk zones and controlling distance. And they've to know the timing that belongs to their attacks, to allow them to do damage after which prepare for what's coming next. Its Elden Ring comes to its extreme.

For those thinking this should have taken the ball player days otherwise weeks to complete, sometimes Elden Ring players are simply so good these things come naturally. CaregiverAgitated534 claims it took just 2 hours to complete Maliketh using their self-imposed limitations. While they are saying they "got lucky," it's clear they are simply exceptionally talented at Elden Ring. Though there is no doubt they've put in the time for you to reach this time, too.

Maliketh isn't the first boss that CaregiverAgitated534 has challenged themself to defeat in such an extreme way. They say they've also done Placidusax and Malenia at level one with no dodge roles. Of the three, they are saying that Malenia was easily probably the most difficult, but that Maliketh is the favorite boss fight overall. Placidusax, however, was "very easy," but took 40 minutes to kill. Odds are, you will find yet more challenges for CaregiverAgitated534 to defend me against in Elden Ring later on.

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