They're the backbone of the whole army

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HUGE NOTE: No matter what armour you wear it will be auto banked the instant you enter a portal site; it will be replaced by the armour and weaponry of the Role you selected. Required Skills to Input: 15 Agility. Areas: Guthix: Ladder is located just South of the agility volcano; scale down, cross the chasm via the small cliff on the side of the wall (15 Agility), and follow the route to the portal and teleport into the Guthix Base

Zamorak: Ladder is found in the midst of the Demonic Ruins; scale down, and jump the lava lake (15 agility), and follow the route to the portal and teleport to the Zamorak Base. Saradomin: Ladder is found beside the Legislation Temple; climb down, swing upon the stalagmite holds (15 Ability ), and follow the path to the portal and teleport to the Saradomin Base.

They're the cheap RS gold backbone of the whole army; they leave alongside the warriors.


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