Fishing is a trading skill that in Lost Ark

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Fishing is a trading skill that in Lost Ark allows players to catch fish. Similar to the Excavating skill, and the hunter skill, the skill does not come with material nodes. Fish hooks symbolize fishing spots on maps. When you cast your line, the fish will take the bait and eventually you have to hit the skill button to catch the fish. The rarity of the items that are collected is contingent on the location, as well as the tool's rarity, and you could also receive bonus points like a higher the rate of material loss and an increase in the speed of Float fishing.

Normal Skill

Level 1 The Level 1: Float Fishing (The fundamental tool that lets you cast your line into the water)

Level 10: Throw Bait (Increase chances of catching a rare Golden Fish)
Level 20 Barrel Fishing (Allows you to set Barrel Traps in the water)

Level 30: Net Casting

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