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Darnassus is the closest Alliance City to Desolace and is a nice thing since it's not close to the other cities. Take a boat ride towards Auberdine within Darkshore and follow the southwards route to the southwestern part of Stonetalon. It will lead you to Ashenvale and the Barrens, one of the stages of natural progress. Characters who move in this direction have the option of using Deeptalon Path, a secret tunnel. Deeptalon Path, a secret tunnel that connects Ashenvale right to Stonetalon Mountains, allowing the player to skip the Barrens entirely.

Ironforge: Head east from Ironforge before heading north towards the Wetlands. Continue to follow the road until the western end of the Wetlands and you will find Menethil Harbor. Take the northern of the two vessels to Auberdine within Darkshore. There is also The Deeprun Tram to Stormwind, and take a ship that takes them up to Theramore Isle, which takes them to Ratchet which is a neutral city located in Kalimdor that has an Alliance flight path.

Stormwind High-level players or those that are ready for a long run are able to go on the boat towards Theramore Isle from the Stormwind docks. For others, head for in the Dwarven District. Travel on the Deeprun Tram to Ironforge Follow similar directions from there until Menethil Harbor.

The Exodar. After when the Draenei city was established at the time of TBC, Darnassus lost the award for being the most isolated Alliance settlement. From here, take flight paths or a boat to Teldrassil, the location where Darnassus is situated, and continue on to Teldrassil.

How To Reach Desolace: Horde

Orgrimmar. Take the road south, then west until you reach the Barrens. In the northwest there are there are the Stonetalon Mountains await. Follow the road in the northwest that connects to the southwest route that leads towards Charred Vale. There's a small street in the northwest area of Charred Vale that leads south to Desolace.

Thunder Bluff. What is the best way to get players to Desolace via Mulgore? The flight path that runs from Thunder Bluff to Sun Rock Retreat and a stroll south is one of the fastest methods to reach Desolace.On feet, players will have to travel north and east through the protected areas of Mulgore before heading west.
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